The gag is used to prevent the submissive sexual partner from speaking or screaming, or because he or she wants to be chastised or punished during erotic role play. Breath reduction can also be one of the goals of gag play. The gag can be used to open the mouth wide or to spread it, as well as to fix it closed. The gag symbolizes a form of defencelessness in the sub, and the gag wearer can only make himself understood through facial expressions or gestures. The dominant part gets a feeling of power over his sub. Most gag and bondage games involve a great power imbalance between sub and dom. An erotic gag game should be done with mutual consent. Various objects can be used as gags. Especially in everyday situations, the partner likes to use a cloth that is rolled up and put into the sub's mouth. You probably also know some films where a pair of socks is used for this purpose. This can then be fixed with another cloth that is tied around the head or with adhesive tape or bondage tape.

More professional gags, on the other hand, can be bought in various shops. These can have different colours and shapes. We prefer not to deprive you of a few special ones. The simplest form of gag is the ball (usually made of rubber or silicone) which is attached to the head by two leather straps. If the ball has holes, it is much easier for the gagged person to breathe than with a “closed” ball. Instead of a ball to prevent the partner from screaming and to close the mouth, there is also the spreader, which is opened wide to the mouth. This is used so that the gagged person can still give the Dom oral pleasure. Then there is the gag, which is shaped like a penis and lies inside the mouth. A special form here is the double dildo, where one dildo also lies on the outside so that the sub can penetrate the Dom with a dildo despite the gag in the mouth. Another special form of gag is the head harness. Here, a harness or even a mask is placed around the head and the partner is additionally gagged.

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