Girlfriend experience

Here the preference describes a certain relationship character, which includes kissing, cuddling, closeness and intimacy as with a trusted partner.

Girlfriend Experience is exactly what happens after the initial wild love in a relationship. A certain familiarity, a bond with each other that consists of more than just sex. Here the physical intimacies are comprehensively in the foreground. Especially the physical closeness, cuddling, kissing and caressing play the main role here. The guest can expect a very intimate and long foreplay with mutual kisses and intimacies at Girlfriend Experience. With GFE, as the Girlfriend Experience is also abbreviated, the escort lady and also the booker get involved in a certain number of emotions. An emotional intimacy makes sex feel different. It feels more intimate for both parties. It is advantageous if both partners already know each other in the process. The more often a guest books the same lady, the more intimate the GFE.

Also, the time and the length of the rendezvous play a striking role. Thus, a 2-hour booking does not create a very familiar atmosphere. To experience real Girlfriend experience on a date with an escort lady, you should definitely approach with a higher minimum booking duration. Get to know each other, get familiar with each other. Tell about yourself and listen carefully. This is the best way to get close enough emotionally as well, so that later on, during intimacies, an emotional mood will arise. Pleasure, devotion and sympathy play a big role in the subsequent sex. Many compare the girlfriend experience also as soft sex or as daisy sex. It is just not the kind of sex that is portrayed in porn. It is not a hard and fast “in and out” as depicted in movies, but exactly what happens every day in most bedrooms in the world. Authentic, romantic and loving sex between two people who are familiar and like each other. 

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