Greek eroticism

Is the code for anal intercourse. Here the penis is not inserted into the vagina of the lady as usual, but into the anus. It is recommended to proceed carefully, because the skin as well as the muscles in this region are very sensitive. Lubricant is a MUST for anal intercourse. You should also pay special attention to hygiene here. When changing from anus to vagina, it is recommended to change the condom in any case.

The expression “Greek eroticism” actually comes from the fact that for the ancient Greeks anal intercourse was something quite normal, nothing obscene and even respected. This is very visible on ancient vases, paintings, or even statues. As already mentioned, Greek eroticism is about anal intercourse, both for the man and the woman. However, anal intercourse does not mean that, for example, the man rams his penis completely into the woman's anus. Anal sex begins with the insertion of a finger. This is also necessary because the anus should be stretched slowly and bit by bit. Both the skin and the rosette can tear, and serious injuries can occur if the penis or a dildo or anal plug is inserted without stretching. It is equally essential to use a lubricant. This can be a common household oil, such as coconut or olive oil, or a lubricating gel.

If you have started with one finger and your partner likes it, you can use two fingers and insert them. Anal intercourse in men stimulates the prostate gland in particular and allows the man to experience an orgasm without ejaculating. If you prefer not to stretch with your fingers, an anal plug is suitable, which is quite narrow and thin at the front and becomes wider towards the back. You can also use this to stretch your partner's anus bit by bit. Once the anus is stretched to the width of the penis or dildo, it can be inserted carefully. Of course, there are also practices where pain and hardness are in the foreground, but this should be clearly discussed between both partners beforehand. Since the anus is very narrow, it is advisable to use a particularly thick, or rather tear-proof condom. These are already available in well-stocked drug stores or erotic shops. Remember, what was once in the anus does not belong back in the vagina, so change the condom and wash your toys thoroughly, as well as your fingers. If you are worried about “residue” on your fingers, penis or toys, you can perform a colonic irrigation as preparation before Greek eroticism. This cleanses the rectum, and you don't need to worry about excrement.

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