Handcuffs are probably one of the most common utensils used in beds, along with dildos and vibrators. The most common and also most conspicuous model is probably the plush-covered one. Here, normal handcuffs, like those used by the police, have a fluffy cover made of plush in various colours. So, the hard metal edges don't cut into the flesh when lolling and squirming with ecstasy. The leather-padded handcuffs can also be pulled tight, but hardly hurt when moved. Silicone handcuffs, are more for temporary fastening. Due to the nature of the material, the partner can easily slip out. However, if you just want to have your hands “out of the way”, you can also use them. Otherwise, of course, you can buy them in different colours and also studded with rhinestones. There are further differences in the length of the chains. The chain that connects the clamps can be long so that the partner can also be tied to the bed, or short, so that only the hands can be tied together. A special form is the handcuff, which has a fixed bar instead of a movable chain in the middle, which further restricts movement. If the partner has narrow feet, the handcuffs can also be used for the feet. However, so-called hand and foot cuffs are best suited for this purpose.

Handcuffs are used for simple sex play, to surprise your partner, to let him enjoy himself or to exercise power over you. Handcuffing creates erotic tension for both partners. If you blindfold the bound person, you create a whole new erotic adventure. But sometimes the focus can also be on exercising power and submissiveness. The sub is handcuffed by his Dom because he is being punished.

Escort ladies do not allow clients to be handcuffed unless the escort lady already knows the client, and they trust each other. However, handcuffs can be found in almost every escort lady's bag. So if you want to be handcuffed by an escort lady, just let her know.

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