Head harness

A head harness is a harness that is placed around the head of a partner. A harness in its original form is used to put around an animal, usually a horse or donkey, which pulls a wagon or a plough. Accordingly, the harness or head harness is often found in pet play. The head harness can be made of different materials. Mostly leather, artificial leather or latex or other rubber is used. A harness made of metal and chains is used rather rarely. How much the harness covers the face also varies from model to model. Some models have eye patches so that the partner can't see anything. Others have a gag so that the partner cannot speak. This gag can be a ball or a penis-shaped dildo. Even a double dildo, i.e., one lying inside as a gag and one lying outside for the penetration of the partner, can have such a head harness. Still others cover the face and head completely and look like a mask. On some, only the nostrils are exposed, others have a zip for the mouth or flaps for the eyes.

The harness is put on the submissive sex partner by the dominant partner. On the one hand, this gives the Dom a lot of power over his sub, as he can prevent him from talking as well as screaming, or take away his sight. Ropes, chains or reins can be attached to the harness. The Dom can take the sub out like an animal to humiliate him. Especially in pet play, harnesses often have certain features, such as dogs, cats or horses' ears, so that the harness and the partner most closely resemble the animal.

Escort ladies do not put on head harnesses for their dates, unless they have already met the guest frequently and have a good relationship of trust with each other, and she allows it. However, some escort ladies are happy to put a harness on their guests. Nevertheless, head harnesses are not part of the basic equipment of a normal escort lady. The BDSM and fetish escort ladies are professionals in this field and will certainly fulfil your wishes fully extend.

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