Many men occasionally have problems getting or keeping an erection. The cause of such erection problems is often stress, fatigue, anxiety or excessive alcohol consumption. So, it's usually nothing to worry about seriously. However, if erectile difficulties occur frequently and over several months, physical or emotional problems may be the cause. Only then is permanent erectile dysfunction (ED) called impotence. This should definitely be examined by a doctor because impotence can be a sign of a serious problem. Impotence, for example, is one of the side effects of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. A complex system of hormones, blood circulation, physical and psychological stimuli is responsible for the natural mechanism of erection. Therefore, there can be many reasons why a man can't get it up, colloquially speaking. A urologist or andrologist can best clarify the cause of impotence and initiate the appropriate treatment. Treatment of impotence by a doctor is usually successful and erectile dysfunction disappears permanently. Drugs such as sildenafil (known under the brand name Viagra) are often used by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction. Under no circumstances should sildenafil products be taken without first consulting a doctor, as it can interact with other medications.

With the use of a penis pump, an erection can be achieved in 80% of impotent men purely mechanically and completely without medication. A penis ring can also help to maintain the erection long enough for normal sexual intercourse. It is also important to know that men can reach orgasm without an erection. Affected men can therefore continue to engage in sex practices that are feasible without an erection (oral sex, etc.) and also reach climax. Generally, affected men dislike to talk about erectile difficulties because they are embarrassed. The main reason for this is that many impotent men feel like failures because they see their erection as a symbol of their masculinity. Although a full 80 percent of erectile dysfunction has medical causes, only 20 percent of men affected by impotence nevertheless seek treatment. For many partnerships, however, impotence is a big problem. The partner of an impotent man can also suffer from the situation — after all, her sex life is also affected by the lack of an erection. Some women initially suspect infidelity or take the erectile dysfunction of their sexual partner personally. A woman's lack of sexual attractiveness can certainly play a role in achieving an erection. But far more often, erectile dysfunction is due to physiological or psychological causes. That's why communication is essential for affected couples, even if the man blocks it and doesn't want to talk about it. In many cases, it is the partners who get impotent men to see a doctor. This is significant because impotence, as already mentioned, can also indicate serious diseases.

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