Injaculation is when a man deliberately reaches orgasm without ejaculating. The word is a parallel word formation to the Latin “eiaculare”, meaning to eject. While in ejaculation the “e” stands for “ex”-, i.e., out, the prefix “in” makes it clear that ejaculation takes place internally. One could also speak of dry orgasm. Injaculation has its origins in esotericism, where sex practices are designed to feel even more intense and to “celebrate” the physical union. The dry orgasm is said to last longer than an ordinary orgasm and also feel even better. However, there is no scientific evidence for this so far. To achieve the prolongation of the orgasm, you have to know a little about the anatomy of the man and the organic processes during sex. The so-called PC muscle (Latin: Musculus pubococcygeus) is located in the pelvic floor. By tensing the PC muscle, both orgasm and ejaculation should become controllable after some time of exercise. This is possible because this muscle, when tensed, squeezes the entrance of the vas deferens and thus prevents the seminal fluid from spurting out. It can happen that the semen then runs back into the seminal vesicle. This is harmless to health, as long as you do not practise injecting exclusively and ejaculate occasionally.

The best exercise to strengthen the muscle is to occasionally tense the pelvic floor when urinating. This is to try to contract the muscle enough to interrupt the urinary stream. In addition, there is another trick to suppress the traditional “coming”. This involves a certain grip. The finger pressure, known as the “Saxon grip”, must be applied at the genital point, i.e., exactly between the scrotum and the anus. Finding the exact spot requires a little practice. It can be recognized by a slight depression that can also be felt. In general, injecting is easier to achieve if the partner applies pressure to this sensitive spot with her middle or index finger. When men strive for injecting, mental training is also recommended. This is because it requires willpower and self-control, which are usually not so easy to influence during cumming. Accordingly, even a trained PC muscle and the Saxon grip in combination are no guarantee for the success of dry orgasm. Although there is no ejaculation in the conventional sense, injecting is conceivably unsuitable as a contraceptive method. For one thing, there is no guarantee that dry orgasm will succeed every time (even with experienced men). For another, a little sperm almost always comes out before the actual ejaculation. Even this small amount, known as a “drop of pleasure”, can lead to fertilization of the female egg.

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