Intimate shaving

The easiest and quickest way to remove intimate hair is intimate shaving. Intimate shaving can be done with either a wet razor or an electric razor. An electric razor is more expensive than a wet razor, but the advantage is that you don't cut yourself as easily. Basically, however, it is a matter of personal taste which razor you prefer. Regardless of what you choose, you should always make sure to use a clean razor blade to avoid spreading bacteria. There are special cosmetic products and razors for intimate shaving for both men and women. Many of these models have three to five blades at once, making intimate shaving easier or faster. The most important advantages of intimate depilation, apart from aesthetics, are a higher sensitivity of the hairless skin and a more pleasant feeling, especially during oral sex.

There are also different so-called intimate hairstyles. Some people completely remove all pubic hair, while others only shave the edges a little and trim the rest of the pubic hair. For women, for example, a so-called landing strip is popular. This is a line of pubic hair that runs vertically down the mons' pubis. Trimming pubic hair is a good way to tame intimate hair growth without having to depilate completely. The pubic hair can be trimmed with scissors or hair clippers.

For a good result of intimate shaving, there are the following tips, which apply to shaving the vagina as well as the testicles and penis:

  • Trim long hairs first with scissors or clippers.
  • Soak the skin and hair in a bath for five minutes.
  • Massage shaving cream or shaving gel thoroughly into the pubic hair. This softens the hair and makes the skin smoother. There are many special products, but normal shaving cream works too. However, products with menthol can sting a bit, so products for sensitive skin are recommended.
  • Don't use razor blades for too long! The newer the razor, the better the result.
  • Slow and even movements along the direction of hair growth are ideal for intimate shaving.
  • Exfoliation after shaving provides a particularly soft, comfortable result and prevents ingrown hairs.

Other depilation methods for the intimate area include waxing, epilation, depilatory creams and, relatively recently, the IPL procedure. The latter is a permanent hair removal method. Waxing (or alternatively sugaring) the pubic hair leaves you hair-free for much longer than if you remove the hair with a razor. This is because the hairs are pulled out, including the roots, which is quite painful, especially during the first treatment. An epilator is an electric device that also pulls out the hair completely. With an epilator, the hair is removed for a long time, but the process itself takes quite a long time and is painful. A good epilator is also not cheap to buy. With depilatory creams, the hair is removed chemically after about five minutes of exposure. This painless method is suitable for both women and men and lasts for a few days. The hairs that grow back are not as hard and stubbly.

Side effects such as pimple formation and itching are a common problem after intimate shaving. Furthermore, constant shaving is annoying and waxing (as mentioned) is painful. A permanent solution is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), colloquially also called lasering. The hair roots are burned and no longer grow back. IPL treatment is costly and not entirely painless. IPL can be performed either in a beauty salon or at home with special hair removal devices.

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