Jen Mo point

The Jen Mo point is a male genital point located approximately halfway between the scrotum and the anus. The term Jen Mo has its origins in the Chinese language and can be translated as sacred point. Especially in Taoist and Tantric sex, much attention is paid to the Jen Mo point. In Europe and America, the Jen Mo point is also often called the Wonder Spot, Saxonus or A Million Dollar Point. Basically, in meridian theory and five element theory, there are about 400 acupuncture points on the human body. The Jen Mo point is one of them. If this point is put under pressure from outside shortly before the male climax, this causes what is called an injacultation. This presses the urethra onto the vas deferens, preventing the sperm from reaching the urethra. That deliberately prevents ejaculation of semen. This is followed by a diversion of the sperm back into the seminal vesicle.

According to the Taoist teachings of wisdom, all bodily fluids contain energy, and so does a man's sperm. If this energy is kept inside the body for as long as possible, this is said to have a positive effect on health and the spirit of life. In our latitudes, however, the Jen Mo point has become known less for esoteric reasons in recent years. Rather, the so-called dry orgasm is said to last longer than when the semen is squirted out as usual. Similarly, the sacred spot is supposed to intensify the man's climax. Moreover, by pressing the Jen Mo point with the finger, men can come several times within a short period of time. When the Jen Mo point is pressed correctly, the semen, instead of leaking out, is completely returned to the seminal vesicle. As a result, men feel a further increase in pleasure. This is mainly because the contractions of the muscles feel somewhat different from a conventional orgasm. The typical fatigue that most men experience immediately after orgasm is replaced by energy, as well as more orgasms.

However, the pressure on the approximately pea-sized hollow right between the anus and the testicles must not be applied too firmly, as this can be painful. Too little pressure, on the other hand, does not lead to the desired effect. To feel the Jen Mo point, men clasp the base of their penis with their thumb and forefinger shortly before climaxing to pinch the urethra. They then press the Jen Mo point with the middle or index finger of the other hand. Depending on the position during sexual intercourse, the partner can also take over pressing the point. If the pressure of this technique is applied incorrectly, which sometimes happens especially when learning the technique, two harmless reactions can be triggered. If the pressure is applied too far back, i.e., closer to the anus, ejaculation cannot be suppressed — a normal ejaculation is the result. If, on the other hand, you press too close to the scrotum, some semen may be injected into the bladder. However, this is excreted with the next urination. Both possible “side effects” are therefore not harmful to health.

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