Lacquer, leather, latex

Lacquer and leather most couples already have at home, although not necessarily in the bedroom. The leather pumps, the leather belt, or even the shoes and boots made of patent can be found at many women. Latex most know rather only in the form of balloons or condoms.

Genuine leather is the skin of an animal tanned and treated in elaborate procedures, so that this can be worn. Lacquer clothing consists of a normal fabric, on which usually a PVC mixture was sprayed. Also, artificial leather is produced in this way, depending on further processing.

In lacquer there are two different types to distinguish, the high-gloss lacquer and the more matte lacquer. Latex clothing is usually made from rubber or natural caoutchouc. Here there are different possibilities for processing. Dipped latex clothing consists of one piece and was made with a mould and dipped it in liquid latex. Latex clothing, made of several pieces, can be glued, as well as sewn. But these three materials are not only good for that, you can also wear them as lingerie or as erotic clothing, especially in the BDSM scene and in the fetish area. So even in some clothing stores that have a larger lingerie department, there are already bras or even thongs or thongs made of lacquer or with lacquer elements. In special erotic stores you will find a large selection of lacquer, leather and latex clothing.

So, there are corsets to lace up, which are either made of lacquer or leather. Both are rather unyielding materials that can be laced especially tight. With leather, you can still distinguish between artificial and genuine leather. Of course, the difference in price is just as noticeable, as well as in the handling and general behaviour of the garment. Latex is a flexible material. There are also latex corsets for sale, just like patent and leather. Latex is also often used as a full bodysuit. These suits are skin tight on the body and give that typical “rubber on rubber rubbing sound” with every movement. Dominas often wear vinyl costumes and also the colour black, is dominant here. Also, red is often used, both as lacquer, as well as for latex clothing.

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