Lacquer sheet

The lacquer sheet is a bedsheet that has a lacquer layer and is made of PVC or vinyl. You can buy this sheet in different sizes, colours, and designs. Lolling on a shiny, smooth, velvety lacquer sheet, also called a sex sheet, is an erotic pleasure in itself. The advantage of a lacquer sheet is that it is easy to clean, and the mattress is thus protected from all liquids. Couples like to use lacquer sheets to oil each other up. On a normal sheet, the oil might leave permanent stains. In addition, the light film of oil on the sheet is an excellent lubricant for all kinds of slippery and slithery fun in bed. You've always wanted to lick chocolate sauce, honey or the classic cream off your partner, but fear the mess afterwards? The lacquer sheet is good for that too. Simply clean it after use with warm water and a little soap or washing-up liquid. It's best to use a soap that is specially designed for sex toys, so you can be sure that you'll be able to enjoy the vinyl sheet for a long time to come. Depending on the model and price range, the vinyl sheets can also be washed in the washing machine because who wants to stand up and clean the sheets after the most beautiful pastime in the world?

Wild scenarios can also take place on your playground with the lacquer cover because another special feature about it is that it is very robust and almost tear-proof. As long as you don't poke it with sharp-edged or pointed objects. Many couples also use the lacquer sheets for certain wet games. Some enjoy their partner's golden shower not only in the shower or bathtub, but also want to receive it in their bed. Lacquer sheets are ideal for this purpose because they are simply impermeable to water. Household foil should not be used as an alternative. It often slips, is not particularly tear-resistant and usually sticks to the skin. Do you have a vinyl sheet and want to try it? Many escort ladies like to be oiled by you and then slide over the oily vinyl sheet with you.

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