Keeping your sexual partner on a leash can cause one partner to feel degraded and humiliated and the other partner to feel dominated and powerful. Wearing a leash in public or at special fetish parties also shows affiliation. Here it is clearly signalled that the submissive partner, the sub belongs to the dominant partner, the Dom. Sometimes, however, a leash also generally signals affiliation to the BDSM scene. Leashes can be made of many materials. For example, a classic leash for dogs can be used, either the short lead leashes or also the retractable leashes that can be locked. In erotic or fetish shops you can also find leashes made of different materials, such as hemp, nylon, leather, or chains. The advantage of a hemp leash is that the partner can also use the leash for bondage and simply tie up his sub with it. The leashes are usually attached to a collar with a snap hook. Here, too, there are different types, from dog collars to wide leather collars with many eyelets. In extreme variants, especially relating to breathe reduction, the leash is also attached to the neck with a loop. Here it is important to agree with the partner exactly how far this role play may go and also to agree on a stop word that immediately stops this game.  Leashes can also be attached to head harnesses, masks or to the hands or feet. The dominant partner says which way to go.

Leashes are often used in pet play. For example, the master takes his dog for a walk on a leash, or the rider leads his horse to the pasture. What is important here is that it is a sexual game in which dominance is usually in the foreground between two adults. Both partners agree and no animals are involved in the pet play.

Escort ladies and also the fetish escort ladies like to take on the role of the dominant partner and put the leash on their guests.  In principle, escort ladies only take on the dominant part. Few exceptions are made by ladies with guests whom they have known for a long time and with whom they have built up a certain relationship of trust.

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