Licking balls

This is oral stimulation of the scrotum. This can be pampered with the tongue, light sucking can also be pleasant for many men. Since every man is sensitive differently, it should be clarified before it can become painful for the partner.

Ball licking is one of the oral sex practices and is regularly forgotten in bedrooms. Most restrict oral sex for the man, mainly to his penis. For some, the term “testicle French” is also known. The scrotum, or colloquially the balls, are very erogenous zones in a man. The testicles produce new sperm every day and are connected to the man's penis via the vas deferens and, like the penis, are external genitals. When licking the balls, you should start with the skin around the balls. Running the tongue around the testicles is really arousing for the man before moving on to the actual egg licking. But as with many others, there is much more behind the name. Afterwards, the balls can be taken completely into the mouth and sucked gently or more firmly.

Sometimes less is more and no teeth should be used in this sensitive area. It depends on how sensitive a man is there and how he likes it. You can also move from the testicles towards the anus with your tongue and lick the man's perineum. This is between the anus and the testicles and many nerves end there, and the prostate is stimulated by this. In addition to licking, the balls can also be gently massaged. From there, of course, you can also lick all the way to the anus and the man gets a rimming job, but that would then also go beyond the topic of licking the eggs. Basically, if you don't like something, you should tell your partner explicitly. 

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