Love balls

Love balls or also called vagina balls and are an erotic sex toy. They are inserted into the vagina to create a pleasant, tingling and sexually stimulating sensation. These pleasure balls differ in material, weight, shape as well as size. Silicone balls are similar to skin and therefore adapt to body temperature rapidly and do not feel icy when inserted. Plastic love balls are really cheap, but they can also contain harmful softeners. Metal love balls are for advanced users. They are usually very heavy and also icy at first. Glass love balls are not suitable for beginners either, they usually don't have a return strap and, like the metal ones, are icy when inserted and also very heavy. Some vary in size, the first ball is a little smaller, while the next balls get bigger and bigger. But mostly they consist of three to four balls made of plastic or stainless steel, which are attached to a ribbon or a decorative chain and are pulled out of the vagina thanks to a retrieval cord. The special feature of many of them is that the balls have additional smaller balls inside, which bump against the outer ones as soon as the wearer moves. The balls can now be inserted into the vagina piece by piece.

Sometimes it is a good idea to use a little lubricant beforehand. For beginners, there are love balls that are a little narrower at the front, which makes insertion much easier. The vaginal balls train the woman's pelvic floor. This way, the woman can walk around with the erotic love balls inside her throughout the day and still do something for her muscles. These trained muscles not only give them better sex, but also prevent incontinence. For excitement and tension, there are love balls with a vibration function that can be controlled from the outside with a remote control. The experience becomes more piquant when the partner controls the balls remotely.

Always pay attention to the volume of the love balls. Some are unfortunately so loud that outsiders can hear the balls when walking or moving. Love balls can also be inserted as anal balls. Here, too, lubricant should definitely be used, and you should start with smaller balls. In addition, the woman can, of course, be anally penetrated while the love balls are in the vagina, or vaginally pampered even if the balls are used anally. Cleaning after using the loveballs is also important. Use special soap for sex toys because some soaps and ingredients can attack the material or even the sensitive mucous membranes in the vagina and anus.

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