Two gentlemen book one lady. The ladies have with the service a fee surcharge of 75% for the 2nd gentleman. The abbreviation is MMF for male male female.

MMF, also called threesome, is for many gentlemen what they absolutely want to experience sexually once. For many, the “classic” threesome is an experience with one man and two women. However, many gentlemen find the idea of penetrating a woman in pairs very exciting. So can be spoiled in a MMF threesome, the lady successively by one man each, or even simultaneously by both men. Depending on the inclination of the booking guests, they can of course also spoil each other while the lady gives a man a blowjob. Here there are numerous positions and possibilities that you can try out in a threesome. Please note, only if the lady offers both, MMF and Greek eroticism, she can also be penetrated anally. Otherwise, with a MMF threesome, what applies to sex in general. Everything can, nothing must. So should be agreed beforehand, what may not happen under any circumstances. May the men ejaculate on the woman? May the men penetrate the woman at the same time? Do the men enjoy each other? And many other important points should be clarified before the act in threesomes so that there are no nasty surprises during the act, which can quickly turn the once hot mood into a block of ice.

Hygiene is also particularly important during three-way sex. For each partner and also for the change from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse the condom must be changed.  A special position during MMF sex is the sandwich. So, the woman lies in the middle of the two men. The safest position is when the lady sits on the gentleman lying below and then leans forward. The second can also penetrate well into her.

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