Nappy fetish

Nappy fetish refers to a particular sexual practice that involves so-called erotic ageplay. This practice, which is also called baby play, in no way indicates a sexual interest in children. Those affected either have a nappy fetish (Diaper Lover, DL for short) or play an infant or toddler themselves in role-play (Adult Baby, AB for short). The technical term for nappy love is autonepiophilia. Even though many people have only heard of the nappy fetish for the first time in recent years, it is not new. A book about what happened in French brothels at the beginning of the 20th century, for example, describes in detail the desire of a sufferer. The man, who was over 60, wanted to be cleaned, powdered and diapered by a prostitute. He also wanted to play with dolls and be rocked to sleep. He even brought all the necessary utensils himself during his visits to brothels. A 1937 work describes a carpenter who repeatedly stole children's bedding. Although he was even convicted of this, he could not suppress his fetish. From the age of 12, when his sister gave birth to a child, he was aroused by baby cots, not the baby. From then on, he satisfied his inclination almost daily by masturbating — with the baby cot firmly in view. According to his statement, he hardly ever managed to find sexual satisfaction in any other way.

The nappy fetish is thus described as the acting out of sexual infantilism. This word means a standing still at a child's physical and/or mental stage of development. However, the fetish act is usually not limited to wearing nappies. Single or several typical baby or toddler behaviour patterns in quite a few variations are also part of it:

  • Crawling around
  • Drinking from baby bottles
  • Diapering
  • Care-giving by “mother” or “father”, etc.

Conventional sexual intercourse also occurs in these fetish role-plays, but it does not have to. Satisfaction is often experienced by acting out the inclination itself. There are relevant internet forums where like-minded people can exchange information and make appointments, as well as online dealers who offer complete baby equipment in adult sizes. For men with a nappy fetish, sexual stimulation and direct pleasure satisfaction are usually in the foreground. Most boys discover their tendency to autonepiophilia when they are about eleven years old, and the average boy acts it out for the first time two years later. Women with a nappy fetish, in contrast, are hardly concerned with the satisfaction of sexual needs, but rather with the particularly intense experience of the relationship with their partner. Therefore, women involve their partners in the fetish acts much more often than men do. Women want to be the baby, so to speak, and the partner slips into the role of the mostly dominant father. They primarily want to be given the feeling of being protected and having to be obedient. The recognition of this sexual preference takes place in girls around the age of twelve, and about four years after that the inclination is tried out for the first time. The nappy fetish can be limited solely to the voluntary, from a medical standpoint not necessary, wearing of adult nappies or rubber panties. In this case, there is usually no fetish or S&M play associated with it. However, the longing for baby play described here or the combination with other fetishes occurs much more frequently. These include erotic lactation (breastfeeding an adult partner) or sexual submission and dominance.

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