Nerve wheel

The nerve wheel is also called needle wheel and is an erotic love toy that can be used to cause a delicate pain. Depehe Wartenberg Wheel, also known as the nerve wheel, is a popular instrument in the realm of BDSM. Originally designed as a neurological diagnostic tool, it has found its way into erotic stimulation. This small, handheld device consists of a handle and a wheel with small, sharp spikes. Its unique construction allows it to create distinctive sensations when applied to the skin.

The use of the Wartenberg Wheel aims to intensify sensory experiences. It is gently rolled over the skin, eliciting a tingling, sometimes painful sensation that stimulates the senses and enhances sensitivity. This can be particularly arousing on sensitive or erogenous zones such as nipples, the back, the inner thighs, or other areas responsive to light touches.

In BDSM scenarios, the nerve wheel is often used in sensation play. Here, the intensity of the sensation is controlled by the amount of pressure exerted by the dominant partner. Playing with the nerve wheel can contribute to both physical and psychological stimulation, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and loss of control.

It is important that the use of the Wartenberg Wheel is consensual and respects the boundaries and preferences of those involved. Since the spikes of the wheel can irritate the skin, attention should be paid to hygiene and, if necessary, the use of disinfectants.nding on the strength of the pressure, an individually desired pain is caused. The nerve wheel is a good 20 centimeters long and has a wheel at the end with tips about one centimeter long, suitable for all parts of the body to provide a sweet agony or special pleasure.

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