The English word nudity means nakedness, i.e. the state in which a person is not wearing any clothes and therefore their genitals are not covered. A nudist is someone who likes to be naked — in public. Nudism should be clearly distinguished from exhibitionism, as there is no sexual motivation behind the nudity of nudists. An exhibitionist gains sexual pleasure by displaying his or her body, whereas a nudist does not. In Germany, nudists are mainly the followers of the naturist scene (Freikörperkultur). The naturist philosophy has a long history, with many advocates repeatedly emphasizing the advantages of unclothed enjoyment of nature. At the turn of the 20th century, the first clubs promoting sociable nudity and the first private campsites were established for this purpose. The range of recreational opportunities for the nude varies widely around the world. They range from remote places known mainly to locals to officially designated nude beaches and campsites. On the latter, you often find whole families enjoying their holiday normally, but just without clothes. Nudist culture clearly distances itself from voyeurism and free sexuality. Nudists are not swingers or otherwise sexually motivated people. The term nudist club for some brothels with saunas etc. has nothing to do with the nudist movement and is misleading.

Nudism played a significant role in the politics of the GDR. There was even the 60,000-member state subsection Proletarian Free Body Culture Movement of the Workers' Sports Organization. Since reunification, the number of nudists has tended to decline. However, at nude beaches in Italy, France and throughout southern (eastern) Europe (e.g. Croatia), German nudists are still the most common nationality. Many nudist activities in Central Europe are limited to the summer due to the weather. However, some indoor swimming pools also offer special days for nude bathing in winter, as nude swimming in particular is perceived as extremely pleasant. Nudity can have positive psychological consequences, such as greater life satisfaction, a more positive body image and higher self-esteem. Nudism also promotes acceptance towards differences in age, body shape, fitness, and health. Today, social norms regarding nudists worldwide range from prohibiting nudity in public to tolerating nudity in public. In private, of course, it is not forbidden to be naked.

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