An Overnight refers to the booking of a paid escort who spends not just a few hours but the entire night with a client. Sexual acts are very often part of an escort agreement, but they are not a must.

Different booking times are quite common in the escort service. For example, a distinction can be made between a very short period of time (one to two hours), the whole evening or an overnight. Furthermore, there is a variant where the ladies are booked for days. Since this is associated with relatively high costs, this option is mostly used by well-heeled men. These are often gentlemen who do not want to go on a business trip, a holiday or another longer stay alone. They are looking for a smart, attractive female companion to sweeten their stay with her presence. Here the escort lady then goes travelling with the client, which can even last several weeks.

Overnights, on the other hand, only last about twelve to fifteen hours on average. They usually begin in the evening with a joint activity, for example a dinner or a visit to a bar or club. When the entertainment part is over, escort ladies then accompany their clients to the pre-booked hotel. Depending on the agreement, sexual intercourse usually takes place in the client's room. Clients and escort ladies often have sex several times during the night. Another possibility would be a quickie (fast number) in the shower before the escort lady discreetly says goodbye. As with all matters in the escort sector, it is usually determined in advance which types of play the booked lady can/should/would like to practise. There are also escort ladies who have specialised in certain sexual practices and only offer these in overnight sessions.

Occasionally, however, the gentlemen are not primarily interested in sex, but in an intellectual exchange with a female counterpart or simply pleasant company. If an overnight without sexual intercourse is desired, for example, joint disco tours are also undertaken or wellness treatments such as massages and sauna sessions are enjoyed.

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