Pet play

In this erotic role play, at least one of the partners takes on the role of an animal, usually a pet. Both role-players consensually engage in this multifaceted game, which involves, among other things, sexually stimulating humiliation and submission of the passive partner. The dominant player feels satisfaction because he has control over “his animal” because he has the power to determine the lower animal, even to beat it, torture it, fatten it or even spoil it.

Animals that are particularly easy to train, such as dogs (dog play), ponies/horses (dressage, riding, working horses), farm animals (pigs, cows, goats, sheep), cats and others are used for this role play. Real animals have no place in pet play, it is exclusively a role play between two adults. To make pet play authentic, various utensils can be used that are also used for the animal. For example, the partner playing a dog must also drink or eat from bowls. One should refrain from using pet food. Furthermore, collars with leashes are often used to walk the dog. Head harnesses, bridles, whips and spurs, even saddles are used to ride out one's horse. To make the whole thing as realistic as possible, there are masks of the respective animal that the partner puts on, or various costumes. There are also anal plugs or dildos with a tail or tail behind them. The way in which the couples implement the pet play is up to each of them, as realistic as possible, or rather the soft, purring variant with which the house cat likes to be cuddled. Escort ladies like to use this special role play to show the gentleman where to go. However, an escort lady will not have herself made into an animal, she is always dominant over her guest. As with many games in the erotic field, the rules, and limits should be clearly discussed with the partner beforehand so that the pet play becomes exactly the experience you want and does not end abruptly. Should one partner become uncomfortable, it is advisable to agree on a specific stop word before the pet play that will immediately bring both partners out of the role play.

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