The term quartet has several meanings. In music, a quartet refers to a group of four soloists (ensemble) or a musical piece composed for four solo voices or instruments. Furthermore, there is a card game called quartet, the aim of which is to collect sets of four cards. A four-line poem or a poem with several four-line stanzas is also called a quartet. What they all have in common is the focus on the number four, which can be traced back to the Latin word quartus (fourth).

However, quartet does not only refer to musical pieces, card games and poems. Colloquially, we also talk about a quartet when it is about sexual intercourse between four people. It is therefore a kind of extension of the well-known threesome. It usually involves two heterosexual lovers who have sex with each other, i.e., they exchange partners. The terms “foursome” or “foursome party” are also popularly used for this constellation. If group sex is practised by four people of the same sex, it is now also called a quartet.

The incentives for a quartet on a sexual level can be extremely varied. Some couples may want to try something new or act out their voyeuristic inclination to watch or be watched during sex. Other people may be more interested in bisexual experiences. In all constellations, however, the special attraction lies in doing something supposedly forbidden or (at least in broad society) unacceptable. The basic prerequisites for a quartet without negative consequences for the relationship are openness and trust. Jealous people are more likely to suffer during sex in a foursome instead of being able to enjoy the act. But even if you approach the planning and realization of a quartet with the thought “it's only sex”, you should be aware of one thing: It can happen that you meet someone in the foursome who, from a sexual perspective, is perhaps better suited to you than your current partner. Special caution is therefore advised when having a quartet with friends. In this case, the erotic experience could develop in the wrong direction and even lead to the loss of your partner and friendship. As with all sexual interactions, you should protect yourself against illness and pregnancy during a quartet. In some cases, it is even more important here because it can happen that you do not know all the participants and their histories. Condoms are therefore obligatory. Couples who enjoy it and meet regularly with the same-sex partners often agree that everyone involved should have an HIV test. Condoms are still recommended because there are other diseases. In addition, an unwanted pregnancy from a stranger is usually not desirable. The setting in which a quartet should take place depends on the preferences of the people involved. Many friends of “the number of four” find swingers' clubs too impersonal, and hotels are also rather unsuitable. You should also bear in mind that sex outdoors and in public places is forbidden in Germany. However, since some do not want to practise sex with another couple in their bedroom at home, they often look for other options. Here, for example, it is a good idea to rent a holiday flat or other premises for the four of you.  

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