Queening is a sexual practice in which one partner places their private parts on or directly over the other's face. The point is that both genitals and buttocks can be easily stimulated with mouth and tongue in this position. Queening is also called Facesitting (from face and sit). Usually, the woman takes the position above the man's face. But there is also reverse Facesitting, where the man has his penis and bottom orally pleasured from below.

Queening is a form of pleasure that has been practised for centuries. The sexual practice is already depicted in ancient Egyptian drawings. Queening was also known in Japan, India, and China. In medieval Europe and the Victorian era, this position was also known, although it is not clear whether it was known under the same term. Originally, queening was about upper-class women, including queens (hence queening), using this option to avoid pregnancy. Particularly in times of war, i.e., when husbands were not around, male servants were then tasked with the oral satisfaction of their mistress. In Japan, there are even said to have been brothels where male slaves were trained in the way of Facesitting. Their services to womanhood were allegedly well remunerated.

The sexual pleasure of queening lies in the oral stimulation of the vagina (cunnilingus) or the member (fellatio) and the anus (anilingus). The direct view of the genitals has an additional arousing effect, but the intense perception of the partner's intimate smell also increases the sensation of pleasure. When queening, a distinction is made between different sitting positions:

  • Full weight – sitting with full weight on the face.
  • Reverse – sitting the other way round, with the buttocks facing the partner's forehead.

The queening variants fall into the area of fetish:

  • Bound – the bottom (partner lying on the bottom) is tied up during Facesitting.
  • Asphyx - the reduction of breath by means of genitals pressed onto the face.
  • Drowning – queening in or underwater
  • Jean-sitting – Facesitting while dressed in jeans.
    More extreme variants are also accompanied by sexual practices involving urine or excrement (faeces).

Not all women can relax and reach orgasm in the typical queening position, in which they kneel or squat over their partner. Therefore, there are some aids in the form of so-called smother boxes and queening chairs or queening stools. These pieces of furniture, specially made for the practice of Facesitting, make oral stimulation more comfortable for both participants. Women can then reach climax sooner because of the support. In addition, there is no risk for the bottom if the other person cannot control himself during orgasm and the supply of breath would be endangered.

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