The term quickie means: a quick number and describes spontaneous sex that takes very little time. The foreplay is usually omitted or shortened and penetration, i.e., the actual sexual act, takes place very quickly. Compared to regular sex, a quickie lasts much less time.

According to surveys, Germans love quickies. Couples with children often have little time for extensive sex, but there are also other reasons for this. About 78 percent of all men and about 60 percent of all women like quick sex. Some of them prefer this variant only occasionally, some practise the quickie regularly. Especially in the morning, when men frequently wake up with an erection anyway, spontaneous and quick sex is used. In this way, sexual activity between long-term partners can often be better maintained. Theoretically, however, you can have a quick number at any other time and in different places. Usually, the current situation, for example a romantic meal together, or other bonding activities with partners lead to a quickie. The mood is relaxed, you have a little time, and this is reserved for your partner anyway. Many couples use such moments to live out physical love, which otherwise often comes up short in everyday life. That's why quickies regularly take place outside the bedroom at home. Dark entrances, the car, and even toilets are used to give free rein to the sexual desires that suddenly arise.

Other popular places for quick sex in between are: Under the shower or in the bathtub, on the way while walking or the cinema. Especially on holiday, when the stress of everyday life is far away, even couples who have been together for years like to have a quickie. Besides the time factor, there are some other main reasons for quickies. These include:

  • You can try out unusual places
  • Improving the general mood between partners
  • Stress relief
  • Change of scenery (outside the routine)

Basically, the duration of sexual intercourse does not really determine the sense of belonging between partners in committed relationships. Serotonin and other hormones are released during both extensive sex and quickies. Accordingly, all variants increase both the feeling of “we” in the partnership and the love for each other.

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