Role play

Often bring a breath of fresh air into bed again, or you fulfil your secret fantasies with a role-playing game. The ideas of a role play can be very different, starting from secretary, doctor, or applicant. The fantasies may be expressed openly.

In erotic role play, the partners agree on an imagined scenario and live it out as realistically as possible. Usually, there is a dominant (Dom) and a submissive (Sub) person. Many couples use appropriate disguises for their perfect role play. These disguises range from simple everyday clothes to fancy clothes that are designed and sewn by the couple themselves. Costume rental can also be a good place to go for erotic role play. Even in various erotic shops, both online and offline, there is a wide range of costumes for erotic play. But not only dressing up can be part of role play, but also the appropriate toys and accessories. Here, too, everyday objects are sufficient for some couples. Others use toys suitable for children for their role play, and still others want to make their role play as realistic as possible and resort to, e.g., real tools or real medical instruments. The ambience must also be suitable for the role play. Depending on the role play, this can be a bar, a cellar, the kitchen or another room. For unusual erotic role-playing games, some clubs, BDSM studios or even hotels offer different rooms so that you can get perfectly into about the game.

Probably the best known role plays are: Doctor and patient, teacher and student, policeman and suspect, burglar and owner, singer and groupie, prisoner and policeman or postman and housewife. Nevertheless, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to role-playing. It doesn't always have to be these clichés, either. Slipping into a different role is fascinating and exciting, and you can often live out your most secret, intimate desires in this role.  Anyone can take the submissive or dominant part, several people can play along, it can take place outdoors and to some extent in public. Getting to know each other in a bar or restaurant is a good introduction for beginners to role-play. Even the duration varies from minutes, for a short role play prelude to actual intercourse, to many days or even months. The partners should discuss exactly what they have in mind and when or how they would like to end the role play. As is often the case, a special codeword or safeword is necessary. Find a word that is not used daily to end the erotic role play. 

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