Rules of behaviour

Specific behavioural rules are established to dictate the behaviour expected of the submissive partner, imposed by the dominant one. These rules are most commonly applied in BDSM play. Often, they are verbally and spontaneously discussed between the Dom and the Sub, such as 'be quiet' or 'turn around!'. However, some behavioural rules might be agreed upon beforehand, either orally or sometimes even in writing, in so-called 'slave contracts'. These contracts precisely describe or discuss how the Bottom should behave. Typically, these rules cover aspects like 'do not speak unless asked', 'do not look at or touch the Dom', or certain gestures that are not allowed. If the Sub does not adhere to these agreed-upon rules, they are punished.

The nature of the punishment can vary. For example, the Sub might be whipped, bound, or humiliated, depending on what was mutually agreed upon beforehand. Escort ladies are often willing to impose behavioural rules on gentlemen as per their wishes, dictating their actions. They command the submissive man to remain silent until spoken to. Even during torture or sexual stimulation, the submissive are not allowed to make any sound. The boundaries of this erotic role-play are virtually limitless, but one thing is certain: the escort lady always takes the active role. She decides what is to be done, eaten, or abstained from and takes complete control over the man for a predetermined period. The allure of submission is great, offering a wide spectrum for role-playing and discipline, but also for gentle and relaxing surrender. It's always essential to discuss beforehand how both parties envision the erotic role-play and what rules and limits are set. A safe word should also be agreed upon, which will completely halt the play should it become uncomfortable for any partner.

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