Shoe fetish and foot fetish

A person who is sexually stimulated, aroused, or satisfied by shoes is referred to as a shoe fetishist. The act of looking at, touching, smelling, and wearing mostly specific types of shoes excites the fetishist. High heels, in particular, are a strong attraction for shoe fetishists, though sports shoes and boots are also highly sought after. The colour of the shoes also plays a significant role. Some shoe fetishists are especially drawn to black or red shoes. Even the material, size, or length of the shoes can often be crucial. For instance, one person may find long patent leather over-the-knee boots particularly appealing, while another may prefer short leather ankle boots. The smell can also be a decisive factor for many fetishists. Some may like the scent of fresh leather or patent, while others prefer the odour of sweaty sports shoes. Long heels or pointed toes of shoes can additionally be used for sexual gratification by inserting them into the vagina or anus.

For the foot fetishist, the thrill comes from seeing, feeling, smelling, kissing, and sucking feet, or being touched by feet. Here too, there are many variations and nuances. Feet in elegant or sexy shoes like high heels, bare, pedicured feet, or the smell of worn stockings and shoes contribute to the arousal. Toes are actively used in sexual activities for stimulation, touching and gratifying the partner. A more intense practice is trampling, where one partner walks over the body of the other. Crushing food, known as 'crunching', which is sometimes also consumed, is a specific form of shoe and foot fetishism. A dominant partner in the SM sphere may use feet to stand or walk over the face of the submissive. The submissive, in a state of humiliation, crawls before the dominant, licking their feet or shoes. After crunching in the SM context, the submissive often has to lick the dominant's feet clean. The fascination with feet knows almost no bounds, and foot fetishism is one of the most widespread fetishes worldwide, alongside leather, latex, and rubber.

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