Cuddling, hugging, kissing, stroking, and all that are often used like they mean the same as snuggling, right? But snuggling is more about quiet, close, and cosy body and skin contact, while cuddling is more like leaning on each other, maybe when you're chilling on the sofa watching a film. Both are usually done over a longer period, but hugging is more like a quick squeeze between partners, like when saying hello or congratulating someone. It's often a bit of a back and forth movement and is a bit more lively compared to snuggling. Everyone knows what a kiss is – touching your partner with your lips, whether it's on their lips or any other part of the body.

While hugging and cuddling aren't really part of snuggling, you can easily mix in a bit of kissing. Especially when your heads are close together, you can sneak in a kiss during a cosy snuggle. And then there's stroking, where you run your hand or fingers over your partner's clothed or bare body. This can be a nice part of snuggling too, but watch out, your partner might be ticklish in certain spots. The best position for snuggling is spooning. One partner lies right behind the other, both usually with bent legs. The one at the back wraps their arm around the front one. It's also a great position for couples to nod off in. Usually, the bloke is behind the woman, which often works out better because of the size difference.

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