An erotic dance in which the lady drops her clothes' bit by bit. A strip is usually performed in special striptease clubs on stages. In some clubs, you pay admission, in others you can go for free, but the drinks are expensive and often there is a minimum turnover that you have to make there. In addition, you can give some money to the ladies on stage who strip for the public. Strip clubs usually have one or more stages and tables from which you have a clear view of the stage. Once the lady has dropped her clothes to music, the ladies take turns. In such clubs, the ladies usually undress in such a way that the customers do not have a view of their private parts. If the customers want an exclusive dance just for themselves, there is the possibility to book a lap dance at some clubs and ladies. Sometimes they go into a separee or the lady comes to the gentleman's place and dances there for him. She moves rhythmically to the music and as the climax of the dance performance, the lady sits on the lap of the dancer and rubs her bottom against his best piece. The purpose here is not to ask the man to have sex, but to build up erotic tension. If you perform a lap dance privately, at home or in a hotel, then it is certainly ultimately intended to invite sex and is to be regarded as a kind of foreplay. Another special form is pole dancing. Here, the ladies not only dance to the music on stage, but also have a pole as an accessory that is tied to the floor, around which they can then move. All two dances, the lap dance and the pole dance, can be combined with a strip or not. All three types, including the simple striptease, belong to the genre of erotic dances. Of course, this also applies to men. Men can also perform erotic dances and turn women on with a strip, a pole dance or even a lap dance. 

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