Table dance

Table dance describes a form of erotic dance. Table dance is mainly performed in nightclubs and similar establishments. Dressed provocatively, women, and much more rarely men, dance on a stage, table or counter specially set up for the purpose. A prop that is often integrated into table dance is the so-called pole dance. This is a stainless-steel pole that is mounted between the ceiling and the dance floor. Pole dance is another form of erotic dance. However, pole dancing is not just about provocative dancing and possibly stripping (taking off clothes) to music. In fact, this style of dance requires a lot of strength and body control. Since it is an effective whole-body workout, table dance classes are now also offered in many fitness and dance studios.

At the beginning of a traditional table dance show, the dancers usually present themselves on a stage that is accessible to all visitors. In the course of the show, the performers get closer and closer to the audience until they finally focus on individual guests or a small group of visitors. The aim of the dancers is to get money slipped to them. Payment is often made in the form of the club's own so-called “house dollars”, which have an individual value and are purchased by the guest upon entry. Individual guests or small groups of guests, on the other hand, want to make their erotic preferences clear by tipping the notes. By offering money, referred to as tipping, the gentlemen would like to achieve the performance of a semi-personal dance.

However, physical contact with an erotic dancer is prohibited in the vast majority of table dance clubs. The only exception is that visitors are allowed to slip the notes into the waistband of the dancer's panties or bra, for example. Apart from the income from tips, the dancers usually only get a percentage of the drinks turnover, but do not receive a salary in the actual sense. This is why the prices for drinks in most table dance bars are above average. The task, or rather the goal in the performers' own interest, is therefore to encourage the guests to drink. The increased consumption of mostly alcoholic drinks then leads not only to more wages, but also to more tips. This practice is therefore often criticized as dubious. In some EU countries, this method is even a legal grey area.

To offer variety to regular visitors of their nightclub, many owners hire new dancers again and again. In the table dance sector, it is common for the ladies (or gentlemen) to change frequently – on average every 14 days. Many dancers therefore travel across the country and perform in one or more clubs in a city for about two weeks at a time. To avoid delays in finding accommodation, many owners of table dance bars maintain flats or flats for the table dancers. For the duration of their stay in the respective town, the ladies are usually provided with such accommodation free of charge.

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