Tantric massage

Tantric massages are by no means something only for people who are close to esotericism. A tantric massage is probably the most erotic massage there is. The aim of a tantric massage is not to loosen muscles or tension. At least it does not relieve muscular tension, but it can certainly help to loosen a sexual tension. In tantric massage, there are two roles. One partner gives and the other partner takes. The recipient of the tantric massage never touches the person giving the massage, and surrenders completely to him and his touch. In the tantric massage, the whole body is regarded as a unit and the massage extends from the hair to the toes. Before a tantra massage, it should be clarified with the recipient in which places he or she wants to avoid being touched, so that this does not disturb the flow and eroticism during the massage.

For the tantric massage, it is important to have a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Another prerequisite is that you trust the masseur completely. So, first arrive in your surroundings and engage with the situation with all your senses. In fact, a proper tantric massage lasts around 1-2 hours. During the massage, you are massaged and touched from head to toe with warm oil. When massaging the male genitals, the lingam, it can lead to ejaculation and orgasm during the massage, but it does not have to. The anal area and the prostate can also be treated during the tantric massage. If this is not desired, it is essential to discuss this during the preparation. The yoni, the female sexual organ, is also treated during the tantric massage. It takes around 45 minutes for the yoni to open up during the tantra massage. Here, too, one or more orgasms can occur, but they do not have to. During a tantric massage, all thoughts should fall away, the outside world should be forgotten, and you should concentrate on the here and now. This is exactly what makes the desire rise, you become aroused until an electric tingling spreads over your whole body. At some point, this electrical tension is discharged in incredible waves of orgasm.

Sporadically, when touching the yoni or the lingam, sometimes even before, without having been touched in the intimate area. Such a tantric massage can improve sex in general by introducing new touches, new ways to reach ecstasy and orgasm. After the massage, the recipient should rest a little, let the oil work on their skin and let the whole situation sink in. 

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