Thumb cuffs

Thumb cuffs are used for bondage games, and these can be used for thumbs, but also for toes. It is a very intense form of bondage, as the nature of the cuffs makes it painful to try to move. There are two major differences in thumb cuffs. One looks like too-small handcuffs, has a movable chain between them and is like the classic handcuffs in terms of handling, only much smaller and suitable for both the thumb and the big toes. In this way, the wearer has a bit of leeway and can move his hands to a certain extent. The second version is not connected with a movable chain, but with a rigid and quite short bar. The freedom of movement is very limited here. Some thumb cuffs also have small pointed or even small needles so that the sub feels pain with every movement. The thumb cuffs made of metal are a suitable erotic accessory in the bondage area with handcuffs and belly chains. In addition, there are handcuffs that also have a small pair of thumb cuffs made of metal that are well suited for bondage. The combination of handcuffs and thumb cuffs is not only available in metal, but also in leather straps, which are also suitable for restraining the feet and toes.

If you put the thumb cuff on with the keyhole facing the body, it is almost impossible to open it again yourself. It is important to note that wearing the thumb cuff too long or too tightly can lead to nerve damage. This damage is usually noticed with numbness in the thumbs, and the damage can not only last for months or years, but can be lifelong if not used properly. The lady puts the cuffs on the gentleman, the lady herself only has the thumb cuffs put on after prior request and also only if dates with the gentleman have already taken place.

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