Tight foreskin

When the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the knob of the willy, it's called a tight foreskin, or 'phimosis' in doctor-speak. It's normal in babies and little kids, but in older children, it might be caused by a skin condition leading to scarring. Most uncircumcised lads can't pull their foreskin back at first because it's still attached to the head. That's totally normal and healthy for the first couple of years. By about age two, it should start to come away naturally. In some boys, it might take a bit longer. But don’t ever force it back before it's ready – that can hurt and damage it.

Phimosis doesn't always need fixing unless it's causing symptoms like redness, pain, or swelling. In adults, it can be caused by various skin conditions and can get irritated by urine trapped under the foreskin. It might also be linked to STIs like fungal or bacterial infections. It can lead to pain, cracking skin, or reduced sensation during sex. Using condoms and lube can help protect it.

As long as it's not causing any trouble, phimosis is usually not a big deal. But if it's causing serious problems, like trouble peeing, you might need medical help. That could mean surgery to remove some or all of the foreskin – that's called a circumcision. But since there are risks like bleeding and infection, it's usually a last resort after other treatments, like steroid creams, haven't worked. Alternatively, surgery to separate any bits where the foreskin is stuck to the head might be an option. This keeps the foreskin but doesn’t always stop the problem from coming back.

If the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis and can't be moved back, that’s a 'paraphimosis,' and it needs urgent medical attention to avoid serious issues. In tough cases, a doc might need to make a small cut in the foreskin to relieve the pressure.

Keeping it clean is key to avoiding these problems. Give your willy a gentle wash with warm water daily, pulling back the foreskin if you have one, to clean underneath. But don’t pull back a baby or little kid's foreskin – it can hurt and cause harm. A mild or unscented soap is best to avoid irritation. Avoid using deodorants, baby powder, or perfumes down there as they can irritate the skin. And remember, even if you’re circumcised, you still need to wash regularly with warm water and mild soap.

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