Toy boy

A toy boy is a young, attractive man who is courted by an older woman. The English word is made up of the rhyming words toy and boy. So, a toy boy is a play partner for an older woman who wants to bring some fun and excitement into her life.

As a guideline, the age difference between the toy boy and his partner usually corresponds to an average generation gap. This means that there should be at least a ten-year age difference to speak of a toy boy. Generally, however, the difference is even greater. If an older woman had male children, the age would be about the age of her son. In such a relationship, the woman is called a cougar, which is the equivalent of a toy boy.

Women over 40 or 50 appreciate the vitality that the younger man brings into their lives. Men, on the other hand, appreciate the maturity and self-confidence of older women. As a rule, these are women who are highly educated and have already been married. In that case, these ladies are not necessarily looking for a new spouse. Likewise, there are younger men who are fed up with women their age and want a woman who is more down-to-earth and mature. This is how the two opposites meet. Moreover, since women reach their sexual zenith much later than men, older women and younger men can be particularly compatible sexually.

Men who have had no or only a few long-term relationships are more often willing to be taught. This is because they are still in the process of discovering and learning, which increases their chances of being moulded. On the other hand, ballast from old relationships can be a relationship killer, and a younger man certainly has less of it.

In addition, older women benefit from their toy boys, as the potency of young men is much invoked. However, this point doesn't really do a woman much good if the man is too quick to orgasm. A toy boy may still be able to go for a second round, but who knows if the next time won't be over just as quickly. The cougar-toy boy relationship can also become problematic if the woman has already entered menopause and the man wants children.

Especially in the case of celebrity couples, where the woman is over 50 and the partner is in his mid-20s, the media often talk about a toy boy relationship. Some of these couples have publicly spoken out against this term. The word toy devalues and dehumanizes the person, and when a grown man is called a boy, there is a certain disrespect. By the way, one also speaks of a toy boy relationship among gay couples if the age difference is correspondingly large.

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