The U-spot in women is an erogenous zone. Unlike the G-spot (or G-zone) and the A-spot, the U-spot’s easier to find. The 'U' stands for Urethra. It’s right at the urethra's entrance, between the vagina and the clitoris. Like the G-spot, it's not just a single point but a sensitive area around the urethra’s opening.

It's an erogenous zone because it's packed with nerves and close to the clitoris, making women super sensitive there. As arousal increases, so does the sensitivity of the whole area. Stimulating the U-spot can really ramp up a woman’s pleasure. But, not all women like a lot of focus there. Some prefer self-stimulation with fingers or a vibrator, while others enjoy gentle massage from their partner. In foreplay, don’t just zero in on the U-spot; include the whole sensitive area. If she's not wet enough, use some oil or lube for a smoother and more pleasurable experience.

During sex, the U-spot doesn’t get much action, so blokes often lend a hand. It’s really stimulated during oral, but again, don’t just focus on the U-spot. A combo of stimulating the clitoris, vagina, and U-spot works best. Some couples like it when the bloke massages or rubs the U-spot with his penis.

If you’re specifically playing with the U-spot, especially with hands, the woman should pop to the loo afterwards to pee. This helps avoid any risk of a bladder infection by flushing out any bacteria that might've got into the urethra.

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