Ufo position

The UFO position isn't about a specific sex position. It’s more about hitting the G-spot, which some call the 'gynaecological UFO' due to the mystery around its existence. Named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the G-spot’s said to be a super sensitive area inside the vagina, a couple of inches in. But, it’s not scientifically confirmed as a distinct area. Loads of women reckon they feel mega sensitivity around this spot, near what’s called the clitoral bulbs.

So, UFO positions are all about angles that really get the G-spot going. Not all women are into intense G-spot stimulation, though. Some might find it too much, while others get off quickly and intensely. It’s about experimenting with angles and how the penis enters the vagina.

Popular positions for this include missionary, with the woman’s legs spread, bent, or straight; doggy style, where she’s on her knees and elbows; cowgirl, where she rides and controls the action; 'Volcano Fever' from the Kama Sutra, where she’s bent over, and he lifts her hips; spooning; and the 'Elephant', a twist on spooning with her lying flat and him on top, going in from behind.

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