Wax play

As the term suggests, wax play is the use of candle wax during foreplay or even during sexual intercourse. There is no exact record of when hot candle wax was incorporated into sex. Until a few years ago, wax play was considered a type of play that was used almost exclusively in the BDSM scene. Meanwhile, more and more couples are enjoying the slight pain that the drops of wax cause when they hit the skin. However, not all candles are suitable for wax play. The candles usually offered on the market have a very high melting point of over 60 °C, which can cause painful burns. Grave candles, which are used quite often in fetish games, do not get quite as hot when burning, but they are also unsuitable for beginners. Many people want to avoid inflicting really bad pain on their partner in bed, but rather try out new stimuli. In erotic shops and online retailers, special candles with special wax mixtures are available for exactly this purpose. They have a much lower melting point, which makes the wax liquid but not too hot. In addition to the arousing sensation that the wax drops create on the skin, the wax mixtures leave an oily film on the skin. Many couples like to use this effect for sensual massages, as no additional massage oil is needed.

Before starting a waxing session, however, there are a few points to keep in mind. For one thing, both partners must trust each other, especially if you don't use candles produced especially for this purpose. In addition, certain areas of the body are taboo. This includes all body orifices and mucous membranes. Depending on sensation and experience, other zones can be excluded, which are usually named by the respective partner. The wishes of the partner who has been doused with wax should be respected under all circumstances. It is also advisable to shave the areas of skin that you want to include in the waxing game beforehand. Otherwise, even the special wax can stick quite stubbornly to the hair and be difficult to remove. Newcomers to the field are also advised to apply some skin cream to particularly sensitive areas such as nipples and vulva before waxing. This gives the skin additional protection and makes it even easier to remove the wax later. The easiest way to remove the wax is to take a lukewarm shower.

Also, before you start waxing, you should definitely test on one or two less sensitive areas how hot you find the wax. By putting more or less distance between the candle and the body, the wax temperature can be regulated a little. It is better to approach very sensitive and intimate areas very slowly. In addition, the area of the room or furniture where you want to play with wax should be protected accordingly. Wax leaves oily stains on textiles that are very difficult to remove. Those who enjoy wax play and would like to incorporate it more often into their lovemaking often decide to purchase a latex sheet. These can be cleaned of all liquids and wax without leaving any residue.


For wax play - as for all types of sex play - there is no set procedure. Whatever pleases both parties is permitted. The following is important to know: Single drops cause only minimal, easily tolerable pain. The accumulation of a larger amount of melted wax in the same place naturally causes more heat. Many people particularly like to work their way from the insides of the arms and thighs to the erogenous zones. Finally, the wax is then dripped onto the nipples, buttocks, penis or vulva.

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