Now that we have an erotic encyclopaedia and not a fitness encyclopaedia, you are probably thinking, “What do weights have to do with eroticism and sex?”. Weights are actually smaller, sometimes larger weights that you attach to yourself or your partner to increase pleasure or even pain. The weights can basically be attached to any part of the body. They are attached to the body by means of clips, hooks (snap hooks), chains or screw threads. The weights can also differ in their shape and, of course, in their weight. Some women use weights in the form of love balls or vaginal weights to train their pelvic floor. To do this, light balls are first placed in the lady's vagina and remain there for a few hours or even the whole of the woman's normal day. Over time, the lady can increase the weights and thus train the muscles in her pelvic floor. For men, there are similar weights that also train the muscles in the penis and are also supposed to provide better stability. For this purpose, a weight is attached to the erect penis while standing and the man tries to lift the weight. Here, too, the man can gradually increase the weight. Be careful, both can cause sore muscles, both in the pelvic floor and in the muscles of the penis.

Another use of weights is often found in the BDSM scene, and they are used as punishment and pleasure. For example, weights with nipple clamps are clamped to the sub's nipples. On the one hand, this can increase pleasure because this area is very sensitive in both women and men. The heavier the weights, the more uncomfortable and painful it can be for the partner. In BDSM, however, this is usually intentional. Weights can also be hung on the clitoris, the testicles, or the labia. The weight of the weights allows the dominant partner to vary between pleasant and exciting pleasure and even pain. Weights can also be attached to piercings. But caution is advised here! Too much weight can tear the piercings out of the skin, and such injuries should not take place in BDSM.

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