Wife sharing

Wife sharing describes a sexual form of play. It is about a man sharing his wife or steady partner during sexual intercourse with one or even several other men. Wifesharing usually takes place with the consent of both steady partners, and the wifesharer is free from feelings of jealousy.

At first glance, wife sharing gives the impression that men who share their wives with others are the dominant part in the relationship. However, this is not necessarily the case. Strange men are sometimes brought in for sex to satisfy the woman's needs. Some couples find it particularly stimulating when the wifesharer chooses the additional sexual partner. In other relationships, this choice is left to the woman. Many wife sharers also find it very arousing to watch their partner having sex with another man and, if necessary, to masturbate during the act. Others just want to be watched by their sex friend during sex. The third variant is where both men penetrate the woman at the same time. Rather rare is the variant where a wifesharer agrees to his wife having sex with the sex partner he already knows without him.

The man invited only for sex can, for example, be a kind of steady friend who regularly consorts with the couple. Furthermore, It is possible that it is a matter of changing acquaintances. Which variant is preferred depends on the preferences of the wifesharer and his wife. Some find it a special thrill to invite a different man for sex (with the woman) each time. Wifesharing became popular in the western world in the 60s/70s of the last century. The sexual revolution and the breaking of taboos that accompanied it led to the spread of the sex trend. The need for more sexual satisfaction and the allure of the forbidden are usually the triggers for the decision to wife share. Some couples also hope to strengthen their relationship and increase intimacy between them. According to US studies, it is almost 100 per cent the men who make the proposal to wifeshare. A good 60 per cent of the couples surveyed say that their partnership improves as a result. Just under two percent feel that they and themselves are unhappier afterwards.

The difference between this and the so-called threesome is that a committed couple brings in one or more men for sex. In most cases, the wifesharer is sexually fixated exclusively on his partner and is not interested in sex with others. A threesome, however, can also involve three friends or three people who do not know each other. Furthermore, a threesome can take place in partnerships with a third woman or a third man. In wife sharing, only the woman is shared — and usually with another man.

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