Yohimbine is a natural substance found mainly in the bark and leaves of the yohimbe tree. The indole alkaloid yohimbine can also be found in the roots of various snakeroot species. Yohimbine, which is usually processed into powder, is used in tablet or capsule form for the therapeutic treatment of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine can also be used to treat frigidity (sexual desire). In the past, it was also used to treat high blood pressure, but not any more. The evergreen yohimbe tree, which can grow up to 30 metres high, grows mainly in the tropical forests of the African Congo, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Visually, the tree, which is also found in Asia, is reminiscent of the European oak. In Africa, the bark of the yohimbe tree in particular has always been used as a potency-enhancing agent. In the many African languages, yohimbine means, for example, love tree, potency bark, lust wood or potency wood. The ethnobotanical literature identifies yohimbine as a hallucinogen (psychoactive substance), as it can cause mild to moderate sensory illusions, especially at high doses. However, the substance is mainly used for its vasodilatory effect, which mainly affects the sexual organs. Yohimbine can cross the blood-brain barrier rapidly and increase heart rate and blood pressure through central mechanisms. A mild anaesthetic effect has also been observed.

Besides taking capsules or tablets, yohimbine can also be consumed as a tea. It is recommended to crush about 20 grams of yohimbe bark and pour 500 ml of boiling water on it. The mixture should simmer gently for a good 20 minutes before being allowed to cool. After straining, the tea can then be drunk. Another consumption option is smoking aphrodisiac herbal mixtures with yohimbine content. Another classic form of administration is the yohimbine tincture, which can be applied locally to intact skin areas. The dosage of yohimbine drops, powder, tablets or capsules should always be discussed with a doctor! Excessive doses can lead to extremely unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.

The more common side effects include: Nausea, headaches, restlessness, inner anxiety, insomnia, irritability and increased urination. These side effects are observed in one to ten percent of cases. Occasionally, i.e., in 0.1 to 1% of all cases, nervousness, loss of appetite, dizziness, stomach complaints, vomiting, diarrhoea, trembling, increased sweating, shivering and palpitations occur. Regarding extreme overdose, in addition to permanent erection, respiratory paralysis can occur, which can even be life-threatening! Side effects are observed from about 30 minutes after consumption, depending on the dosage form. The therapy of erectile dysfunction should therefore always be coordinated with a urologist. Yohimbine has proven to be at least partially helpful in many cases of both psychologically and physically caused potency problems. However, one factor of uncertainty regarding the success of the therapy is the rather strongly varying bioavailability in yohimbine roots, which lies between seven and 87 percent. A therapy with yohimbine normally takes place over a period of about two to ten weeks.

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