YouPorn is a free streaming website for erotic videos, with hundreds of thousands of videos from every imaginable porn genre. It receives more than 15 million visitors worldwide every day. This puts YouPorn on the list of the 100 most visited websites in the world. The founding of YouPorn in 2006 revolutionized online pornography, which until then had always been associated with high costs and registrations. Costly subscriptions that were often difficult to cancel made up a large part of the porn offering. YouPorn, however, is free of charge, just like YouTube, and only becomes profitable through advertising revenue. Only the premium area, where thousands of DVD films can be viewed, is chargeable, but it is free of advertising and in HD.

The new idea at YouPorn, apart from the free offer, was that every private person could upload their own films. Just like YouTube, anyone could start their own porn channel on YouPorn. There are therefore numerous amateur videos in very different porn categories. Amateur videos are very popular on the worldwide porn market, and YouPorn's success is based on the many amateur videos from almost every country in the world. But there are also many professional films from the big porn studios like Brazzers etc… However, most of these recordings are not in original length, but in shortened versions.

In addition to the video portal, YouPorn has also added chat rooms and live cam shows to its ever-growing offer in recent years. In addition, there are now free erotic stories. In general, the site is technically up-to-date and has many user-friendly functions. Particularly good is the sophisticated search function, through which everyone can find a video exactly according to their preferences. All one has to do is enter various keywords (search or keywords) in the search bar. Although the site itself is in English, most of the search terms also work in German or other languages. Another new feature on YouPorn is the virtual reality (VR) function for porn.  With the appropriate VR glasses, viewers can immerse themselves completely in the film and experience the video realistically.

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