Escorting men for money - the escort job

Insights into the escort job: Differences from prostitution, requirements for companions, and how escort appointments work for an exciting career


by Bell Bennett

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Escorting men for money - the escort job

What exactly is escort? For many people it is not really clear what 'working as an escort lady' is all about. Most people probably have a rather bad image of escort services and think that escort ladies are just expensive prostitutes. However, this impression is quickly disproved. With prostitutes, it is exclusively about sex with the client. Conversations, going out for a meal or even overnight stays and joint holidays are excluded! With an escort lady, this is precisely the small but subtle difference. She accompanies the gentleman, gives him pleasure and enjoys spending time with him. It's like a temporary relationship. Doesn't sound logical to you? In the following we will give you a deep insight into the profession of escort and explain what it is really all about.

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What makes the escort job?

The escort ladies enjoy their work as escorts a lot because the potential experiences are very diverse, varied and interesting. The main area of the escort service is defined by three important tasks:

  •  Accompanying
  •  Entertain
  • Provide a sexual experience


An escort lady standing at the train platform waiting for the train to her date

There is a big difference between escorting and prostitution - the time factor. A customer of the so-called "oldest profession" may say goodbye to a lady after only twenty minutes, because the booked service has been provided. If you want to work as an escort lady, you should plan at least 2 hours per date. Serious agencies are almost always asked for women who can spare the whole evening, occasionally even a complete weekend or even longer. Here it is clearly about quality and not quantity. In other words, the clients expect to spend an interesting, amusing and relaxed time with the booked escort.

This does not always have to be about extraordinary experiences. It could be more banal activities, such as an afternoon city tour or a shopping trip with a business traveller. A gentleman may not want to go to the opera, the cinema or another event alone. In any case, he contacts an agency in advance to find a suitable companion for his stay. Of course, there are also social occasions or business dinners where a man prefers to be accompanied instead of sitting there alone and possibly having to justify why he is alone. Even a film-like situation can come up for an escort lady. For example, an endless single or a business man plagued by appointments could book a woman for a very specific weekend. For example, to an unavoidable family celebration where family members ask unpleasant questions about the single life or spread further rumours. Here, said gentlemen like to take an escort lady who slips into the role of the girlfriend. If a lady is booked once for such an event, it is indeed possible that she has gained a regular customer who books her again on a regular basis.


Another main focus of an escort lady is on the entertainment level. Very few gentlemen are just looking for a "nicely dressed up little doll" at their side, so as not to be alone. On the contrary, gentlemen often want a high-class escort. If you want to work in the escort sector, you should have a certain eloquence and a wide range of interests and general knowledge. You should be able to participate in conversations about politics, economics and world events as well as history or current sporting events. Many escort ladies actually have a higher education or are currently still students. Of course, this is not a basic requirement, but it is still important that you can contribute to various topics of conversation and know what you are talking about.

Sexual experience

Clients expect the date they book with an escort lady to have something special to offer. They want to experience something they rarely have the opportunity to do otherwise. However, this does not only mean the special event like the business dinner or the visit of the opera. It is rather about the fact that clients want to enjoy a few special, varied and intimate hours with escort ladies. Sometimes the clients have special sexual preferences, but these are discussed with the agency in advance so that it also suits with your sexual interests. The gentlemen who book an escort lady are usually real gentlemen. In addition, some gents are already known to the agency and keep strictly to the booked services. In principle, sex is an important part of escorting, but for some men it is secondary and is seen as the crowning highlight of a successful evening.

As you can see, there is already a very clear difference between prostitutes and escort ladies. By the way, age and shape are not that important. Not every client chooses only women in their mid-twenties with model measurements - on the contrary. Especially the more mature clientele feels much more comfortable with a 30- or 40-year-old, well-groomed lady on their arm than with one in her early 20s. It is important that you can appear authentic and take care of your appearance.

An escort lady with her client on the way to the date

Which men book escort services?

Almost every man loves the company of a good-looking, intelligent escort. This not only inspires self-worth, but also gives an energetic feeling and increases well-being.However, a successful man often has little time to develop deeper relationships with interesting women. Affairs or relationships also entail obligations that busy men often don't feel like. We find the following formulation most appropriate: A man who books an escort lady is looking for a temporary mistress. An attractive woman who shows up when he feels like it, spends a nice day or evening with him and leaves afterwards without making a scene - that's what escort service is all about.

Of course, there are clients who want to book an escort lady for the night. In that case, however, there are also huge differences to prostitution:

  •  Hotel room: Mostly, sex with clients will take place in a good to very good hotel. These are good houses and the room is of course booked before the date. Many agencies will of course arrange this for the client at the client's expense.

  •  Prior agreement: Mostly, it is already agreed before an appointment which love services the gentleman wants, especially when it comes to special preferences. The agency already selects the ladies who match the needs and wishes of the gentleman.

  • The duration of the date: This is the most important component. If you are booked for a sexual adventure with dinner or other activities beforehand, this can be considered a date that ends in bed. And even if the client has only booked the erotic part, you will probably have a drink together first and chat a bit.

  •  Regardless of the variant, the client should be the focus of your attention. You should ensnare him, not be sparing with compliments and pamper him all around. This can include tender massages and even cuddly sex.

Of course, you can't draw a fine line between flirting (possibly with physical contact) and erotic services. Moreover, this varies from agency to agency and every escort has her own rules and no-goes. The important thing is: As an escort lady, you can refuse a request at any time and do not have to fear any consequences.

Many clients therefore take a close look at the offer of an agency and the ladies who work there. In this way, the client can formulate his wishes exactly in advance so that the right lady can be found for him. By the way, this does not only apply to sexual requests: If a gentleman is looking for a escort for a very special event and she needs to be particularly knowledgeable in a certain subject area, for example, this can be arranged in advance.

What good escort ladies should be able to do

There are a few special qualifications that help an escort to be successful. Of course, we don't want to keep these from you at all:

  • There are a few special qualifications that help an escort to be successful. Of course, we don't want to keep these from you at all:

  • You should be able to flirt and make a man feel validated. Ideally, it feels to him as if he is conquering you.

  • Communication is very important. Therefore, you need to be a good listener, but also be able to tell interesting stories.

  • Honesty, punctuality and reliability are obligatory for an escort lady.

  • It is a great advantage if you understand something about the male psyche or can put yourself in his shoes. The time with you should do a man good and strengthen his self-perception in a subtle and attractive way.

  • You should be open, adventurous and positive.

  • You should definitely have fun and enjoy sex and be able to get into something new.

  • Of course, an escort lady should be attractive. Therefore, you should pay attention to your appearance, dress neatly and keep an eye on your fitness.

An escort lady seducing her client

Does the work as an escort bring anything else besides money?

Most escorts will probably answer this question with a definite "Yes! Because while it is quite normal to be rather shy on the first few dates, your self-confidence will automatically increase over time. Many men return the compliments and attention they receive from you. And these are by no means just empty phrases - they mean what they say: A woman who knows what she wants and can appear confident is considered very attractive by many men.

In addition, you will probably get insights into new activities, art and culture or other social circles. This is not only very exciting and interesting, it can even help you change your perspectives and move up socially. You will stay in 5-star hotels, be pampered in the wellness and spa area and have the opportunity to eat in first-class restaurants without having to pay for it yourself.

Of course, we won't dismiss the financial aspect as a minor matter! After all, it's a great feeling to be paid generously for the time a successful man gets to spend with you.

So, in conclusion, we can say that the job as an escort lady is very diverse, varied and individual. You get to know interesting men from the most diverse areas and can expand your own horizons. You are rewarded for giving them the feeling that the world revolves around them for a few hours. And if you like good sex, you're in the right job. Most clients don't want a quickie, but an affair or "miniature relationship" - reduced to a few hours, a weekend or a short holiday. They want to be well entertained and have a great time with their escort.

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