Escort - the side job for students

Discover the benefits of escorting as a student: flexibility, high earnings, and diverse experiences. An ideal job alongside your studies!


by Bell Bennett

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Escort - the side job for students

You've finished high school and now you want to study. However, many girls worry about how they are going to finance their studies. It is not easy for female students to find a suitable job where they can concentrate on both university and a job. Once a student has landed one of the popular jobs, as a waitress, babysitter or even freelancer, they often find that the rents in the big cities and the cost of living are usually even higher than their earnings. Then come exam phases and the ladies have to put the job on the back burner. There is a simple and straightforward solution, because especially young students can earn very well as an escort lady.

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Why escort as a part-time job is excellent for students!

An escort lady in bed as the alarm clock rings

Escort ladies have high earnings. This can be up to 10,000€ per month and more depending on the time the student puts into her part-time job. The ladies have a minimum booking time of 2 hours and earn on average 500€ for two hours. So, the student could already earn more with 4 dates than in any other side job and has invested just 8 hours.

Here we are already at the second point, why the escort is perfect for students - the time. Here a class, there a study group, hobbies and of course going out sometimes, all this is time-consuming. In between, working in fixed shifts is often difficult. As an escort lady, students can freely divide their time. They decide for themselves when and if they accept the date from a guest. In this way, free time does not have to be built around the job, but the job as an escort can be easily integrated into the free time.

Another point in favor of working as an escort while studying - it's just fun! The job as an escort is so diverse that books could be written about it. The female students do not only go to the snack bar around the corner or to the kebab store, as it is usually the case during their studies. They are taken out to eat in excellent restaurants by the gentlemen and they enjoy the upscale gastronomy of the big city. But female students can discover not only the first-class cuisine of the city, but also the trendy clubs and bars. Who does not like to spend the evening in the company of a well-groomed and interesting man to celebrate or for a glass of champagne in a bar? Also, the stay in 5 star hotels is very attractive. In the student shared flats there are often only simple, narrow beds, so the female students can make themselves comfortable in upscale hotels, as if floating on clouds, on the large play area. A holiday escort is also a great experience for female students. So the ladies travel in their spare time for a few days to Venice, to the metropolises of Europe or spend a wellness weekend in the mountains. Students likely get booked as holiday companions. They travel to dreamlike islands, experience an adventure in Down Under or join a gentleman on a business trip to America. An escort lady with her client by the pool

What you should know about holiday companionship

What involves the student job as an escort?

As an escort you quickly learn to put yourself in someone elses shoes. Empathy is very important as an escort and you quickly notice how your own empathy increases. For many degrees, especially if you want to work with people later on, this quality is essential. Since the students have to deal with many different people, they quickly learn to adjust to new people. Some of the escort guests come from abroad, so the students have the chance to get to know new cultures and meet many new, nice and also various people. The diversity of the guests ensures that the female students also develop in their own personality. They become more open minded and have the chance to increase their knowledge as well. As a student you want to enjoy life to the fullest, this also includes finding yourself. As an escort lady you have the opportunity to pursue your own, sexual preferences. Escort ladies can try out, gain experience and freely try out their sexual possibilities and discover their sexuality maybe completely new.

What are the requirements for students to work as an escort?

To be successful as a student escort, it is important that some requirements are met:

A well-groomed exterior - It is not important to have 90-60-90 measurements, to be particularly slim or to have blonde long hair. Also a DD cup is not a requirement as an escort. Rather, it is the overall appearance. Freshly showered, nicely dressed, decent fingernails, a clean and sexy outfit. This is exactly what makes the student successful. Some men like curves and a full cleavage, others like a slim, well-toned body. All in all, it is important that the student feels comfortable and has a positive aura and also shows this to the outside world.

A small but crucial sub-point to the appearance is the wardrobe and style of an escort lady. As a student, you like to dress comfortably. A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, or even a pair of sweatpants. However, this is a big no-go as an escort. Students may see the job as an escort as an opportunity to get dressed up again, get the sexy black dress out of the closet and slip into the high heels. However, not every date is the same. So the high heels are also not the appropriate footwear for a planned hiking trip. The important thing here is to be able to adapt to the date and the environment. The student should know how she dresses, for each occasion, whether it is a dinner, a visit in a club or even a visit to a museum.

Fun in erotic adventures. As an escort lady you have a lover on time. On the one hand is the elegant dinner and to become familiar with each other. On the other hand is the eroticism with men, or even women. By exploring their own sexuality, many female students come across an inclination that they have not experienced or lived out before. Many escorts are bisexual and are happy to have a temporary affair with a man, a woman or both.

Should you become an escort? Communication is the non plus ultra. However, this does not mean that female students are solo entertainers and should talk all the time. Communication refers to the whole action and reaction with the guest. As Paul Watzlawick once said, "You cannot, not communicate." Every gesture, every nod, as well as agreeing and responding to the guest's questions is communication. An absent look or constantly glancing at the clock is also communication

and gives the guest an uncaring or uninterested impression. Of course, it is good if the student has a broad knowledge of politics, sports and current world events to have an adequate conversation with the guest. A small bonus point is if the escort lady additionally speaks english, or even other languages, since some of the international clients do not speak German. Mobility and flexibility sounds a bit difficult at first, especially for female students. Many female students don't even have a driver's license, let alone their own car. Of course, having your own car is an advantage, especially if you live far away from public transport or if they only go sporadically. However, since the universities are usually located in areas with good public transport connections, it should still be possible for the student to get around. The more mobile the student is, the more appointments she can attend outside of her city or county. It's the same with flexibility. If a student can also spontaneously go on a date or is frequently available, then she will also build up a good customer base and she will be booked regularly. An escort lady in the car on her way to the date

Escort - dream job for students and young ladies

All in all, the job as an escort lady offers a student a lot of advantages. Not only the material, direct benefits, such as money, fancy food, possible gifts or the night in the hotel awaits the student. It is much more the personal developments that everyone goes through, the many people that accompany you on the way and the unforgettable experiences that you experience.

Are you a student and want to work as an escort? Then apply today at BB Escort.


Escort rather than an affair


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