What is the commission of an escort agency?

Find out how high the commission fee is at escort agencies and how to avoid overpaying. All important information here!


by Bell Bennett

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What is the commission of an escort agency?

An escort agency takes on many tasks in the background that would otherwise unnecessarily clog up an escort's schedule. For this, the agency receives a commission. But what proportion of the fee is appropriate? We look into this important question.

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What does an escort agency charge?

50% commission is too much

Most escort agencies range between 30% and 50% of the fee for a date. This means that the escort gives part of the money to the agency and keeps the rest. At first, this sounds quite expensive – especially with the agencies that charge 50% (or more!). This is definitely way too much money. Half of your earnings would go to the agency in such cases. Such high commissions are often charged by high-class escort agencies that entice you with hourly rates of 1000 euros and more. Of course, they do not reveal that the escorts receive 500 euros of this amount in the end. (In general, not all that glitters is gold. Every second agency calls itself a luxury or VIP escort service. But we all bake with the same ingredients).

The average in the industry is 30% to 35% agency commission. This is fair because you can hand over many tasks to the agency that normally cost you time and money. The agency hosts the website, takes care of SEO and customer acquisition, has costs for marketing and bureaucratic expenses. You can concentrate on what makes the job as an escort attractive and don't have to worry about youth protection and imprint requirements.

If this is still too much for you, you can work independently of an agency. As an independent escort, you have to be aware of many pitfalls and take care of the organization in the background on your own. Most escorts without an agency spend 50% of their working time on administration, accounting, and client acquisition. Having your own website is not cheap, either. You have to expect a four-digit sum to even get started. Sure, there is no commission, but there are many other costs.

Agency commission: calculation example for prospective escort ladies

“Money is not something you talk about.” Unfortunately, this old wisdom is still stuck in many heads. This contributes to the fact that some escorts are fooled by agencies that advertise with impressive figures. It doesn't matter if you have to give away 50% when you have a fee of 1000 euros! Let's calculate what difference a high commission makes.

Example 1: High-class escort agency with 50 % commission

A VIP agency promises its ladies a fee of 1000 Euros for two hours. Of this, 500 euros remain because half of it (50 %) goes to the agency. (And of course you still have to pay taxes and other social security contributions!)

Example 2: Classic escort agency with 30 % commission

The usual price for a two-hour date as an escort is about 700 Euros. The agency charges 30% of this as commission, i.e. 210 Euros. That leaves 490 euros, just 10 euros less than the expensive luxury agency. However, the client pays 300 euros less.

Most customers are not willing to book a date for 1000 euros and more. A moderate price range means more customers, more dates and in the end a significantly higher turnover. The lower the fee, the more guests. H&M sells more clothes than Prada. 
At a high-class agency, you have a maximum of one to three dates a month. There aren't enough requests to fill your diary. Not only is the commission very high, but you have fewer dates and less chance to earn money. 

Supply and demand: How to determine your fee as an escort

The pricing as an escort depends on many factors. The most important decision is what price segment you want to be in and what percentage the agency charges. On your first date as an escort you probably don't know how things work yet. It takes a bit of intuition to find the right balance between supply and demand - but it's worth it.

Under no circumstances should you let the agency rip you off. A fair share is between 30% and 40% commission. You should only pay more if you get a better service in return or if the fee for the dates is considerably higher.

Different fees of an escort lady

The bottom line is: calculate exactly what you can expect before you commit to an agency! What will you get in return for the agency commission? What is important to you? Ask yourself honestly what your time is worth and what you can offer your clients. Even with “classic” agencies in the moderate price segment, there is the option of setting a higher fee. If you are fully booked and everyone wants to meet you, you can also charge 900 euros for a date at agencies with a low commission. In the end, there's still more left for you.

Would you like to know how you can earn more money as an escort? We look forward to meeting you in person and talking about your ideas!

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