Working for multiple agencies - does that make sense?

Some escort ladies sign up with more than one agency. Despite different profiles or pseudonyms, this fact becomes noticeable.


by Bell Bennett

11 minutes read

Working for multiple agencies - does that make sense?

Some escort ladies sign up for more than one agency. Even if you change your pseudonym within the profiles or use different photos, this fact is obviously noticeable. Customers are confused about the double representation, agencies can get into conflicts. How far can you go if you are playing with the idea of marketing your services via multiple profiles?

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Why can it make sense to register with multiple agencies?

For beginners in particular, it can make perfect sense to try their luck on several websites at first. After all, each provider has its focus and sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. It's not surprising if you need two or three attempts until you find the agency that really fits you. In this context, a little experimentation is absolutely fine for the beginning. In other words: If you don't get any bookings on your first try, it's not always your fault. Sometimes the presentation is not appropriate or the customers who would typically look for you, check out other agency websites. So you should not be afraid of a second or third attempt.

When does a multiple application become critical?

Most escort ladies find their agency pretty quickly this way and cancel with the other providers when regular bookings settle in. Until then, an agency will unlikely react with criticism. Nevertheless, just like other agencies, we keep an eye on the multiple registrations of our ladies. Why?

What problems can arise from multiple registrations?

Problems with the customers. The customer initially reads the service of an escort agency not differently than any other online service. So he will scroll through various agency pages until he comes across an appealing photo. If he stumbles across the same pictures again and again, he becomes sceptical. Is the woman a fake account? If she is really nice, why does she need to present herself everywhere? In all probability, he avoids the offer. Even more so if the escort lady shows different prices on every page. Such an approach does not look very trustworthy and does not convey the image of the self-confident escort lady that the customer is looking for.

Problems among the agencies. For the agencies themselves, coexistence is not always easy. Everyone deals with it differently. Some agencies forbid to have their ladies in other agencies more than once through exclusive contracts. The next ones charge the ladies increased commissions if they find them on another sites.

Some fight with great effort to push through their contracts and put each other under pressure.

Problems between agency and escort lady. Problems with the agency can arise for the escort lady first of all if there is a contract that excludes multiple registrations. Then there may be shortages in the pricing.

Individual agencies sometimes have different ideas in which price range the particular lady should be. Especially a high hourly rate will hardly be accepted if the agency knows that the lady is still listed somewhere else.

Really inconvenient for all parties are time crossings. It does not look very professional when bookings are spontaneously canceled in favor of another, more profitable offer.

How do we react?

Escort lady considers working with multiple agencies When ladies register with us for the first time, we routinely check to see where they are still registered. Of course, we allow women who are new to the business the right to try us out. We do not change the commission and we do not forbid multiple registrations.

However, we reserve a certain skepticism. If we find you on a different portal, we will in no case set your price higher than it can be found there. On the one hand, it is unlikely that a customer will pay more with us if he can find you cheaper on another website, and on the other hand, we do not want to come into conflict with other agencies. The competitors could feel forced to set the prices unreasonably high or low.

In addition, there are some agencies that do not like it from the start if their ladies are listed more than once. Under certain circumstances, your registration there would be a reason for us to reject you.

In any case, we will first seek a conversation with you. We can talk about your reasons for changing your registration and see if you are not simply a better fit for us and can cancel your registration with your previous agency.

How to proceed if you want to apply to other agencies

Before you apply to multiple agencies, you should read your existing contract carefully.

  • Does it allow you to apply more than once?
  • Are there consequences listed?
  • If so, can you afford to take them?

In any case, talk to an agency representative before you apply. There is no general obligation to provide information. Nevertheless, you can avoid a lot of trouble and financial losses by making direct arrangements with the new and the old agency.

But in any case, consider how it will work if you register with 8 to 10 agencies at the same time. We will all wonder why you need to do this and assume that it is because of the quality of your dates.

Worst Case- What you should not get involved in

In the worst case, you will be accepted at 10 agencies, where none of them will help you to get the desired bookings.

It will be very unpleasant if you meet a customer again, who had already booked you through another agency and was not satisfied with his date. Such situations can have a negative impact on your image and that of the agency.

What you should keep in mind when working for several agencies

  • Check your contracts for exclusion clauses
  • Take the same price everywhere
  • Advertise with authentic details, but try to have different focuses
  • Don't necessarily put the same photo everywhere
  • Have consultations and play with open cards to avoid conflicts.

What are your alternatives?

If you are applying to several agencies, it may be because you have not been earning enough money. Instead of signing up with another agency, you could first look at the specific situation:

Why aren't you currently being booked?

Most agencies offer you the opportunity to speak with them. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask for feedback on your profile or if there have been critical client comments.

Try not to take the advice from these conversations personally, but to use it constructively. Are there ways to present yourself better? If possible, talk to past customers as well. Keep an open mind if there are complains. No one is perfect from day one. Sometimes it's simply a matter of time before regular contacts settle in.

A shift of impatience robs you of the chance to establish yourself.

Situation 1: No reaction to your profile

Maybe you don't even get any requests. In this case, you can't have done anything wrong in your customer contact. You might want to take a critical look at your profile details. Look at what others show or report about themselves who are very popular. What makes them stand out? You may be able to try again with new pictures. Sometimes you can change the tone of your answers and statements. Try to present yourself in an interesting way without sounding unrealistic. Situation 2: Negative feedback from customers

If your platform offers the option of posting customer feedback, this does not always have to be positive, of course. You can influence the opinions about you a bit by ending your dates with a feedback in which you respond positively to criticism. Leave a good impression, no matter how the other hours went. Even if you have to decline something, you can do so in a polite, friendly tone.Also, double-check what kind of details you put in your profile. Maybe you are accidentally addressing customers you don't really want to meet. Here you could possibly edit your information. Think about who you would like to meet and what they like. Sometimes you can adjust your offer a little bit to them.

However, a bad date does not always have to be on your account. After each meeting, take some time to reflect on what went well and what went poorly. If you simply didn't have a chance to please the client, you can forget it. If you didn't know how you should have behaved and problems came up because of insecurity, try to deal with the conflicts that appeared. Talk to other escort ladies or read in the relevant forums. So you have the chance to learn from mistakes and inconveniences.

Situation 3: Lack of understanding for existing rules

Your dates are going well. But you keep getting caught up in existing rules. You are not on time when the driving service is at the door or you hand out money incorrectly. Conflicts arise again and again because you can't cope with the general conditions. As a result, the agency and clients are upset. You never get booked twice.Such problems suggest a great love of freedom rather than choosing the wrong agency. If you experience this more than three times, you should think about independent self-employment. Then you are your own boss and not tied to a fixed frame of conditions. However, keep in mind that in this case you are responsible for your own safety and no one will stand by your side in case of conflict. As an self-employed person, you are your own boss - with all the associated rights and obligations. Situation 4: Times cannot be adjusted

You are good as an escort lady and the clients would book you again at any time. Unfortunately, you don't get that timed in at all. The requests always overlap with your personal appointments.Even under these conditions, a simple change of agency will not necessarily bring any change. You will have to work on your time management. Do you have time for the job as an escort? Ask yourself whether it would be more effective to cut back on other appointments or to give up the job as an escort lady. What is the best decicion in order to be able to concentrate fully on your other responsibilities instead of always running at half speed here and there out of lack of time.

Situation 5: Inflexible in choosing your clients

It's not the case that you don't receive many requests. But somehow you can rarely imagine actually meeting the men. You are cutting down your options by your own choice.Of course, you are allowed to be picky to a certain extent. But be clear whether you are doing this job to pass the time or to earn money. If it is the last, you should question your own criteria. Can you compromise? If not, you won't do any better at other agencies, and you're more likely to find happiness in another job. Situation 6: Very special offer

Under certain circumstances, you simply offer a service that is rare and that only "lovers" with this one special fetish are interested in. The idea of presenting yourself on many platforms is very understandable under these circumstances. Communicate this point when you talk to each agency to see if there is understanding for your situation. Can you imagine making your offer a little broader? Working with too many agencies is not advantageous

In any case, find the conversation before you work for several agencies

As you can see, there are situations that can be resolved by making small adjustments without the need to register with multiple agencies. In other cases, it makes sense to send out multiple advertisements. It is advisable not to remain alone with this decision. In addition to the agencies, you can find contacts for your situation in various forums. Maybe you know some old hands you can confide in. In any case, discuss your doubts with others before you have to sell yourself unnecessarily short and this leads to unneeded conflicts.

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