Life as an escort lady is not always so rosy, but why is that?

What are the disadvantages of working as an escort? Not everyone sees our examples as disadvantages, for others it is quite normal.


by Bell Bennett

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Life as an escort lady is not always so rosy, but why is that?

Who doesn't want that? A part-time job that is fun, where you have a lot of free time, can organize your time as it suits you and earn a lot of money on top of that. This is not only a dream of many young women or students, but actually possible! The job as an escort lady is one of the most lucrative side jobs that combines everything. Fun, leisure, money, and eroticism. Everyone knows the advantages of a woman working part-time as an escort: high earning potential, free time management and being your own boss. But hardly anyone talks about the disadvantages of working as an escort. That's why we want to talk turkey today and present not only the nice sides of being an escort, but also the negatives. But is the side job as an escort really negative?

Disadvantages of working long hours as an escort

Working late as an escort

One point that some ladies see as a disadvantage for them personally is working - sometimes working long hours - in the evening. Many ladies want to relax on the sofa in the evening after their job. However, most of the dates of an escort lady take place in the evening, because mainly business clients book the lady and they also have their appointments during the day.  Thus, a large number of dates only begin between 6 - 8 pm. Escort ladies accompany the guest to dinner and then usually to the hotel. The minimum booking duration for a date is 2 hours, so it can be long evenings in the escort job. But whether this is a real disadvantage is up to you. Some ladies are active at night and are happy if the evening lasts longer, others are not. Therefore, working late in the evening is not a disadvantage for all young women, but is often seen as an advantage. Our next point is somewhat clearer.

You like to work in the evening, then apply right away

Annoying journey to the date

Escort ladies usually have meetings in big cities. If the young escort lady now lives in a big city herself, she is usually dependent on public transport and travels to her date by bus or train. So escort ladies often spend their time in public transport to get to their rendezvous. If the lady now lives outside, the big city, she often has a longer journey, has to change trains and also plan for delays. For some ladies, this is a very annoying matter and therefore to be considered a disadvantage. But not only with bus and train the journey can be difficult for the escort lady. Ladies who travel to their meeting by car often have the problem of not finding a parking space. Especially on dates in big cities or city centres it is often difficult for the lady and the search for a parking space can take some time. The search can be not only time-consuming but also annoying. 

Travelling by bus can be a disadvantage as an escort lady

Especially in winter, regardless of the journey, it is aggravated by the fact that it is cold. If the lady has dressed up perfectly for her date, with the short, black dress, this is often not suitable for low temperatures. The young woman has to walk from the bus stop, the train station or even the more distant car park to the agreed meeting place through the cold or even the rain. If the lady is travelling from a town or leaving at a late hour so that she cannot use the public bus and train lines, she has to call a taxi. Here it is possible that the travel costs paid by a client to the lady are often not sufficient to cover the costs of the taxi and so the lady has to pay €10 - €30 on top of her fee for the journey.

If you want to earn a lot as an escort lady, you have to be spontaneous!

Even as an escort lady, “nothing comes from nothing”. The more dates the lady takes, the more she will earn. Many dates are booked days or even weeks in advance. But there are also quite short-tempered clients who want to meet an escort lady on the same day. Of course, the young escort is not obliged to agree to this date, but to earn a lot of money as an escort she should be spontaneous. Unfortunately, such meetings can sometimes upset the whole plan for the weekend. For example, the lady was looking forward to a wellness weekend with friends and now has to decide between the date and the wellness weekend. If the lady wants to earn more than €10,000 per month, it is important to accept exactly these spontaneous dates. Especially escort ladies who pursue a certain goal and save for a new car, a house, or even a trip around the world with their side job as an escort often bring this spontaneity with them. However, the private life also suffers from this spontaneity as an escort.

The constant availability by phone is a disadvantage of escort ladies

Constant availability to get a date

AIf the lady works together with an agency, the lady should also be available for the agency during their opening hours. The agency informs the escort ladies by text message or briefly calls their mobile phone to discuss certain details for a rendezvous or to request a date. So the phone may ring at the most inopportune moments. This can be very annoying. Also during a lecture or partly in the main job it is not always possible for the escort lady to answer the phone. On the one hand you don't want to or can't answer the phone, on the other hand the lady knows a missed call can be a missed date. Some of the guests already choose another escort lady after some time without an answer. So it can be that already after 2 hours without mobile availability an escort lady has a missed request for a date. But actually, in most jobs it is possible to look at the mobile phone in between and also in schools or universities there is now a certain tolerance. But do you want to be available all the time as an escort lady?

Escort ladies are self-employed

Probably the biggest disadvantage for the escort ladies is their self-employment. As an escort, you are not employed by the agency, but the agency serves as an intermediary between the client and the lady. So it is not the agency that pays the lady, but the guest directly.

That means concretely:

  • No paid holiday
  • No sick pay
  • Income must be taxed by the client

If an escort lady is ill or on holiday, she cannot work during this time and does not earn any money. In the case of an employee relationship, the employer continues to pay the salary during the holiday or illness. In addition, the escort lady must register independently with the tax office and pay tax on her income. The agency only sends the escort lady invoices for the agency commission, and the lady must declare her income and expenses to the tax office herself.

Many see the independence of the woman as a disadvantage of escort ladies

Intimate contact with strange men

Each of the points listed so far clearly depends on the subjective perception of the respective lady. Some are active at night and love to work in the evening. Others live in the city and like to take the train or bus and use the time to prepare for the meeting or to do some reading and work. Others love being independent because they are their own boss and can decide when and if they work. Many ladies always have their mobile phone at hand and like to get involved in spontaneous dates. So, the points listed above may not be a disadvantage for some, or they may not personally see it as particularly bothersome. However, there is one crucial point that should never be ignored. As an escort lady, you get physically close to the guests. You kiss, you touch and you have sex. Most escort ladies combine sex with fun and adventure and live out their own sexual fantasies in the escort. If you find it difficult to become intimate with a guest, then this disadvantage is so serious that the job as an escort should not be an option for you.

You can live with all the points mentioned above, but you should want to be intimate with a stranger and not see it as a necessary evil. If you are now interested in the job as an escort and the point of becoming intimate with strange men is not a problem for you, then apply with us today. After just a few days you will be online on our homepage and can earn money as an escort lady. 


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