Keeping the penis fit - training for potency

Are you worried about your potency? Find out how you can keep your best piece fit into old age with potency training and a healthy diet


by Bell Bennett

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Keeping the penis fit - training for potency

Many men worry about their potency at a young age. This is understandable because erection problems are on the increase and men would like to take countermeasures at an early stage. But why are erectile dysfunction problems becoming more and more widespread, and what can each individual do about it? We have looked for reliable solutions and explain here how you can keep your erectile tissue fit into old age. 


Without potency training, you will face a problem at some point

Who do potency problems affect?

According to projections, from the age of 40, about 10% of men are affected by occasional erectile dysfunction. From the age of 60, the problem affects about 30% of men. Although a man can reproduce throughout his life, testosterone levels decline over the years. With the decline of the male sex hormone, the potency then also declines, the steadiness decreases, and he cannot always, although the desire is there.

Warning signs and clues to erection problems

Although the libido says yes loud and clear, the member just doesn't cooperate properly. If this happens from time to time, it is by no means a warning sign of impotence. For example, are you under a lot of stress at work? Have you been eating an unhealthy diet lately, or are you dealing with personal problems? These can all be reasons for occasional sexual drop-outs. Take it as it is, talk to your partner about it and try to relax a little. After all, once is never the same! But erectile dysfunction, as erection problems are called in technical jargon, is something we only talk about much later. Namely, when you predominantly experience situations in which you are hot, but the erection is not hard enough for satisfying sex. Your body will also give you an indication of a potency disorder if your dick does not stay hard long enough for you to have extensive sexual intercourse.

Exercises for potency training

What is potency training?

You may be wondering what potency training is, and the idea of exercising your penis may sound surprising at first. However, there are some exercises for a man's pelvic floor that will give him new strength. We also explain a few exercises that train the PC muscle and improve blood flow to the erectile tissue. The PC muscle, also called the pubococcygeus, is located between the shaft of the penis and the buttocks. It is your best friend in terms of potency!

Testicle swing

You can also keep your penis fit with the so-called testicle swing. Stand with your back straight, keep a distance of about 30 cm between your feet, and put your hands on your hips. Slowly bend your knees, then push your pelvis as far forward as possible and hold this position briefly. Then slowly return to the starting position. Five to ten repetitions are a good start — real pros can do 30 repetitions of the strength training for legs, buttocks, and penis.

Penis lift

The following exercise is particularly good for strengthening: place a paper towel over your erect penis. The aim is to move the tissue up and down by tensing and relaxing the PC muscle. Once you have the handkerchief exercise down, you can switch to a heavier weight, a wash-towel for example. If you can get it to bob up and down easily when dry, wet the flannel. This way you also increase the power of your new Best Buddy aka the PC muscle with the weight.


To keep your penis fit, the so-called "stop-and-go training" is also great. Imagine that you want to stop the stream when you urinate and concentrate on the PC muscle. You can do ten to twenty repetitions of this unobtrusive exercise every two days and you will soon see success. Please practise stopping and releasing only as a dry exercise and not when urinating — only then it is healthy and potency-enhancing!


The bodyboard is a quick and effective penis workout. Lie on your back with your legs hip-width apart and lean on your elbows. Now lift your pelvis until your body forms a line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold the position for a few seconds, and increase the number of repetitions from about five planks initially by three to five boards weekly.


Regular masturbation is definitely top for erectile dysfunction. Yes, you read that right. Daily masturbation increases potency and keeps your penis fit. Here's how it works: If you masturbate yourself every now and then, you significantly reduce your stress factor — a basic prerequisite for a hard erection. You also train your stamina and increase your testosterone level, which in turn boosts your sex drive. The important thing here is that you don't bring yourself to climax right away, but stop several times in a row when you're about to. This procedure trains the penis muscle and in the end you enjoy your orgasm all the more intensely. On top of that, scientists have found that men who ejaculate frequently have healthier sperm and are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Power buttocks

A firm backside also provides more power in the front. Butt lifting is also very easy: simply squeeze your buttocks really tightly ten times and do this training set three times a day. Slowly increase the repetitions to 30 lifts per exercise session.


In addition to exercises to strengthen the penis, we recommend general training for the rest of the body. If you keep fit, watch your weight and exercise regularly, you are also doing something for your potency. A daily portion of exercise of about 30 minutes reduces erection problems by a whopping 40 percent! Hiking, walking, swimming, and cycling not only strengthen the entire body, but also the pelvic floor. So, you can gain twice as much. Strength training for the abdomen, legs, and buttocks also supports erection. If you prefer to take it a little easier, try Pilates or yoga.

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Train your potency in the gym

Potency-enhancing foods

Now we're reaching deep into the bag of tricks — or not. After all, we all know how much a healthy diet affects our physical well-being. However, there is a whole range of foods that really heat up the best part of the man and make the penis fit and perky. Before we tell you which foods you should definitely include in your diet in future, we unfortunately have to act as a bit of a spoilsport. Because there are also some stimulants that you should definitely turn your back on if you care about your potency. First and foremost, smoking! Likewise, alcohol is only a potency enhancer in very small quantities. One or two glasses of red wine or beer are clearly stimulating and can actually have a positive effect on your libido. More alcohol, however, is definitely bad for erections. Admittedly, giving up junk food and sugar is not easy for any of us. But if you want to get your potency problems under control without resorting to medication, you should also significantly limit your consumption of these foods. As mentioned earlier, however, there are not only foods that put a crimp in potency. There are also some sex foods that have exactly the opposite effect:

Potency training through healthy foods

Hot & spicy

Many things that are spicy also make you hot — and improve your potency! Various foods lead to better blood circulation, and that is exactly what they are supposed to do in this case. Because bulging erectile tissue also leads to a hard erection. So, why not try garlic, chilli, cinnamon, and ginger more often?

Sweet fruits

Foods with a lot of vitamin C and/or vitamin E are also best for more stamina in bed. You should eat pomegranates, bananas, watermelons, and strawberries as well as grapefruits. Walnuts and peanuts, as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, also help to give you an extra portion of potency.

Potency from the ocean

Oysters, salmon, and seafood are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and L-arginine. Studies have shown that both substances contribute to a significant increase in blood flow and improved elasticity of the cell walls.

Valuable protein

Lamb and eggs are rich in protein, and the tasty ribs are also rich in manganese. Both substances activate the sex hormone and lead to sexual high tension.

Power from the earth

Great tubers are beetroots, turmeric, and ginseng. They have been shown to be particularly beneficial in developing erections and prolonging their duration.

The queen of oils

Olive oil has been shown in a brand-new study to be a regular potency booster. With at least nine spoonfuls of olive oil a week, you can keep your virility at peak levels well into old age. However, the rest of your diet should also be rich in healthy nutrients in the form of vegetables and fruit.

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