Sex with a balloon? Learn more about Looner

Discover more about the balloon fetish and how people embrace it. Immerse yourself in the world of Looners and explore the diversity of this unique fetish.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Sex with a balloon? Learn more about Looner

You are certainly familiar with the term fetish. A fetish means the transfer of sexual thoughts and lust to an object. The fetishist is therefore aroused by things, materials or body parts, such as hair. The best known fetish is probably the foot fetish, but there are many other fetishes. Have you ever heard of a looner? Haven't you? That's what people with a balloon fetish call themselves. In the balloon fetish, the balloon is responsible for the emergence and the increase in lust. In this article, we explain what is important in so-called balloon sex, how it is lived out and much more.

Be careful with the balloon fetish

Looners are as colourful as the balloons themselves

Looner, balloon looner or also balloon lover — that's what the fans of balloon sex call themselves. Admittedly, sex with balloons is something few people can imagine. In fact, not all looners are the same and preferences can vary greatly. There are men and women among the looners, as well as heterosexual and homosexual people. The mixed group of balloon fetishists also has many different preferences. First of all, the preferences regarding the bursting of the balloons can be subdivided. Non poppers, for example, do not want the balloons to burst, while poppers find the climax of pleasure precisely in that. Semi poppers, on the other hand, follow their current state of mind and keep the balloons sometimes popping and sometimes not.

Important facts about fetish

How does balloon sex work?

Riding big balloons until they finally burst is one of the various ways to have fun with balloons. There are certain balloons which are high quality and produced especially for looners. The high-quality latex used for this is more comfortable on the skin and can withstand a little more. This is especially important when balloons are inserted into body orifices. Yes, you read that right, this also happens to looners. There are even huge and very sturdy balloons for couples, so they can have sex on balloons together. However, some followers of balloon fetishism prefer to enjoy the time with their balloon or several balloons all by themselves and in private. The balloon is included in the process of masturbation, so a partner is not absolutely necessary. For many looners, however, a partner is indispensable.

Whether partner or not, the feeling of the balloon on the skin is very important to most. Likewise, the sounds produced by the balloon, as well as its smell, can be part of balloon fetishism. However, these components do not necessarily have to play a role.

Orgasm through balloon fetish


The blowing up of balloons is another thing that divides minds. Some looners get very excited about the process of inflating them and celebrate it accordingly. For example, the balloon is inflated between two naked bodies as they snuggle close together. Other looners use air pumps, as inflating the balloon is not essential to them. Another type of play you may already know from childhood. Back then, as an innocent child's game, the balloon is inflated as far as it goes in this type of game. Of course, it is clear that the balloon could burst during this game and therefore not necessarily something for non-poppers. Non poppers tend to cuddle with the balloon, rub against it, or fill entire rooms with balloons. A balloon can also be filled with other things than just air. Water is a popular alternative to air, which gives the balloon a completely different feel.

More information about the foot fetish


Watching other people play with the balloon or perform erotic acts can also be part of fetishism. Destroying the balloon is also part of it. The balloon can be burst by riding it, lying on it, blowing it up or even with a cigarette. Furthermore, trampling balloons is a type of play that is very popular in the scene. In combination with foot fetishism, this activity is particularly stimulating. Thus, extremely great pleasure can arise from observation alone.

Talking to looners

Vanessa, 33 years old, is enthusiastic about balloons. She discovered her enthusiasm for balloons as a little girl and never lost it. “Like probably almost every child, I thought colourful balloons were just great. But unlike the other children, my passion went a little further. I never liked it when balloons broke. The feeling when they pop still gives me goose bumps. As a child and also as a teenager, I always had to cry,” she remembers. When asked about her relationship with balloons today, she says: “The popping of balloons still gives me unpleasant feelings. I don't like it when balloons pop. I love their smell and taste. I also like to lick balloons very much. I keep them until the air slowly escapes, and they get all wrinkly. I also really like that feeling on my skin.” Vanessa's significant other knows about the tendency but can do little with it. “When she does her balloon thing, she does it alone and with herself. Sometimes I enjoy it when she's done and gets all aroused and climbs into bed with me.” The pair's relationship shows that it is entirely possible to incorporate the balloon fetish. Otherwise, the couple's love life is normal.

Where can a looner find suitable partners?

As with any fetish, it is hard to find suitable partners in the balloon fetish scene to live it out. The existing partnership, a new partnership or even the professional field offer various possibilities for this.

Live out balloon fetish with others

In the partnership

Sex with balloons takes some getting used to for many sexual partners. Some looners are lucky enough to get their partner excited about it. However, finding new partners who share this preference or would like to give it a try is not easy. Existing partnerships can fail or blossom because of sex with balloons.

On the internet

Couples who would like to have balloon sex with each other can also be found on the internet or on suitable platforms. However, it is often questionable whether this will lead to a partnership. Just because another person shares the balloon fetish, the rest does not necessarily have to be harmonious — but it can be. Since the balloon fetish is also very diverse, it is not always possible to find a suitable partner.

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In the escort sector

The balloon fetishist will definitely find enough offers in the escort area. Mixed fetishes, such as the combination of rubber fetish and balloon fetish or the combination of foot fetish and balloon fetish, are also served here. The more extreme varieties of fetish, such as balloon in vagina, can also be practised here. Contact the team of BB Escort and let them advise you if you are looking for a lady to live out your balloon fetish.

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Voyeurism vs. cuckolding

Keeping the penis fit

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