Cunnilingus and Fellatio: Please, lick me...

Many men ask themselves how they can lick a woman properly so that she climaxes. Do you want to know how to do it properly?


by Bell Bennett

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Cunnilingus and Fellatio: Please, lick me...

Oral sex is just as fulfilling as “normal” sex, and in fact some find licking and sucking even hotter than vaginal intercourse. But how do you know how the other person likes it? What are the dos and don'ts of oral satisfaction? What is fellatio, and what is cunnilingus, and is there something like right or wrong? We have investigated these and many other questions and have summarized the answers for you in this text.

Where do the terms cunnilingus and fellatio come from?

Both terms come from Latin and stand for the oral pampering and stimulation of the sexual organs. Cunnilingus is composed of the words cunnus “female pubis” and lingua “tongue”. It thus describes the sexual stimulation of the woman with the mouth. Here, lips, teeth, and tongue are used to arouse the woman and even bring her to orgasm. In everyday language, however, we more often hear the expression “licking” instead of the foreign word cunnilingus. Fellatio means “sucking” and refers to the oral satisfaction of the man. Colloquially, this is often referred to as “giving a blow job” or just “blowjob”.

What are the advantages of oral sex?

Licking women properly brings them to climax

Well, there are quite a few, but where best to start? For one thing, it's a wonderful change from the usual sex — and a relationship survives on variation. In bed, too, and especially there, we want to get to know a different side of our partner more often and really savour it. Oral sex is also a great sign of trust and can be very hot! Many couples practise it mainly as an introduction to sex, while others are crazy about pleasuring their partner regularly with their mouth.

If a woman is not well enough to be penetrated (for example, because of her period), a tongue is often still welcome. Licking a woman extensively is also a great alternative for men who have a rather small penis.

Additionally, licking is a horny alternative if the man has already come several times or can't come at times. In such situations, “compensate” your lover with deep kisses between the legs, and she will certainly not complain. In contrast, women know very well that fellatio is one of men's favourite types of sex and like to spoil his best piece with their mouths.

Sex Tips for Small penis

Where are the erogenous zones of a woman?

You probably know that a woman's breasts and vagina react particularly intensely to touch. But did you know that her neck, the inside of her thighs and her bottom are also erogenous zones? You should pay special attention to these areas of the female body first — before you start licking the pussy. Spoiling a woman with oral sex is not difficult and really turns both partners on. However, despite the tempting view, you should pull yourself together and not immediately start pleasuring her clitoris. After all, the entire vagina, i.e., the outer and inner labia, the vaginal entrance and the area up to the buttocks are still there too.

What is the best way to lick a woman?

There can't be a manual for cunnilingus, of course, as every woman prefers certain types of licking. Some love it when their clit is licked, sucked or nibbled. Some women moan loudly when their man licks their entire vagina with firm strokes of his tongue. And still others go into a state of ecstasy when his tongue penetrates deep into their pussy and spoils their G-spot. How you lick women to orgasm therefore varies from person to person, and there is no general “right or wrong” here. However, there are a few things you should avoid…

Licking a woman properly can make her as hot as chilli

What you should avoid during oral sex

Pay attention to the woman's signals. If your partner pushes her pelvis towards you, it's a sign that your licking style is just right. If, however, she pulls back, you probably haven't reached the zone that triggers pleasure. You should also avoid too much spit or turbo speed because both rarely go down well. By the way, you can also talk to each other in bed — in fact, you should do so. Just ask your lover where exactly she wants to be pampered. She will certainly also tell you whether it should be soft or firm. Very important: If you are planning to lick your woman to orgasm, you should definitely avoid chilli, garlic, and pepper. Anything that burns your tongue is definitely not a pleasure on the sensitive mucous membranes of the vagina.

10 tips for licking pussy

Do you want to really spoil your partner orally and satisfy her with your mouth? Then the following tips from cunnilingus fans will certainly come at the right time. First of all, your inner attitude towards cunnilingus and a systematic approach are essential:

1.  Ideally, you should consider it a gift to your wife to satisfy her in this particularly intimate way.

2.  You should also not approach oral sex with the expectation that she will surely return the favour afterwards, and you will experience a superlative blowjob.

3. Take your time — you don't have to catch the next train or shoot a cheap porno! Good, ecstatic oral satisfaction can take half an hour or longer. It depends on the situation. If you're not generally willing to invest that much time in licking the vagina, better postpone it.

4. Find a position that is comfortable for both of you and where you have your hands free! You don't want the excited twitching of her body to stop you from completing your work, do you? So, if in doubt, be able to keep your partner's pelvis within the range of your tongue.

5. Feel your way to the centre of pleasure! As already mentioned, cunnilingus does not begin with your lover positioning herself in front of you with her legs spread. Show her by nibbling, sucking and breathing on the erogenous zones that SHE should be the centre of attention today. And tell her that this also gives you a lot of pleasure. Build up the arousal, tongue stroke by tongue stroke. Leave out the clitoris at first and devote yourself to the surrounding areas. This increases the woman's arousal curve enormously.

6. She gets particularly hot when the tongue slowly moves from the lower vaginal entrance to the clitoris. This can take up to ten seconds. And you should repeat this several times to achieve the desired effect. As a reaction, the lady will push her shame towards you emphatically out of sheer lust, you can bet that?

7. Well, in that case, you can go ahead and take a little trip into the entrance of her vagina. Slowly! And remember, the clit only comes in the next step, so keep both your arousal under control. Time plays into your hands.

How a man licks a woman properly during sex

8.  Now you can also take a closer look at the clitoris, but very gently at first, please. The little pearl is still very sensitive. But that will change after a few minutes of more intense attention. Then you can also suck, nibble or press firmly against it with your tongue. She is probably already breathing much faster — with every stroke of your tongue, she will moan or wince slightly.

9. Now you have to be a little more persistent and lick her to orgasm by intensively working on her clitoris. Many women like it when the man sucks on it and then applies pressure with his tongue. It's like the cat-and-mouse game: first coaxing the sensitive mini organ out and then pushing it back in.

10. At the latest now you need your hands because your beloved's body will squirm and rebel on the flight to orgasm. While the woman is coming, you should continue to lick a little to prolong the waves of orgasm. When the lady of your heart lies in front of you, exhausted, overjoyed and deeply satisfied, it's time to snuggle up to her.

For many couples, cunnilingus is only the beginning of sex during the evening, and you would do well to satisfy your partner in advance by licking her. Because the lady's arousal curve is already very high afterwards, and you can easily bring her to orgasm a second time during intercourse. What a prospect, isn't it?

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