Life as an Escort Lady - What you should know all about it

What is life like as an escort lady? Do you only accompany clients to dinner or to an event? Can you or do you have just sex with them? Questions upon questions


by Bell Bennett

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Life as an Escort Lady - What you should know all about it

Opinions and thoughts about the job of an escort model vary widely. From the opinion of simply being "only" an expensive prostitute, thus earning money exclusively with sex, to the nice "Pretty woman" role model, where you live with the guest in a hotel for a week, get expensive clothes as a gift, go shopping a lot at his expense and you just play the role of the partner. The reality can be both and much somewhere in between.

Working as an escort, what does that even mean?

The dates you will have with your guest start at 2 hours, where you often accompany the guest to a meal or bar. Then there are bookings for several hours, which begin, for example, in the morning with a breakfast and end in the evening after dinner. Of course, there are also dates that last several days or even a week. These are then mostly vacation escorts and you will be with your guest for a longer period of time, visit a spa with him, for example, make sightseeing tours or even fly to other countries and spend their vacations together. Keep in mind with a vacation companion that the guest is in the foreground. Therefore, you should be able to get involved with him and his wishes, whether you visit various tourist facilities with him, or spend the whole day with him at the seaside. It is important to keep in mind that in a vacation escort, an escort spends time with the guest 24 hours a day. Start with shorter dates, a few erotic jobs in Berlin or offer a few sex jobs in Munich to see if the job as an escort gives you fun and pleasure. When you find it easy to adjust to the guests, restaurant visits, hotel stays and the many different personalities, then you can accept longer bookings and accompany the guest on his journey.

I want that too!

Earning potential of an escort model

You will earn more money as an escort than in most other jobs. The longer your dates are and the more dates you have, the more money you will earn. 3.000 € - 10.000€ per month are not unrealistic ideas. If you take your job as an escort seriously and date guests regularly instead of just doing escorting as a hobby on the side, then it is easily possible to earn a lot of money as an escort. How much you will actually earn will ultimately depend on how often guests book you. Also, there are a few criteria that will help you get many requests and also bookings from the guests.

These 5 things you have to consider to earn really well as an escort lady

Working as an escort with your own car

1. Mobility

Most of our clients are business travelers and thus a large part of the bookings take place in big cities, near airports or in cities with large corporate headquarters. Therefore it is important that you are mobile. Especially for short term bookings, when the guest sends a request to the agency in the morning if you could meet him in 3 hours, it is important to be on time at the agreed meeting point. If you now live about 1 hour drive away by car, it is possible for you to accept the date. If you need however for this distance 3 hours with the public means of transportation, the lead time is not sufficient, in order to appear punctually and reliably with your date. Since just guests who are in the city on business, have time only in a certain timewindow, they will, instead of postponing the date, book another lady.

2. Flexibility

Here, again, the focus is on spontaneous or last-minute dates. How spontaneous do you have time, how long in advance do you need to prepare and get ready for a date? As mentioned above, most clients are in another city on business and are staying at a hotel there. So it can also happen that a business appointment with the guest takes a little longer, is postponed or cancelled. If you are flexible enough and can wait for the guest or even postpone the meeting to another time, then this will of course have a positive effect on you or your feedbacks and you will get many escort job offers. If the customer is satisfied, he will book you again. If you work part-time in another profession, it is of course also important to note that the dates do not overlap with your other working hours.

Being reachable via mobile phone is part of working as an escort

3. Service/ performance

Offer yourself to the guest. Show the guest what is special about you and why he should book you. Many guests look at your preferences and often your pictures speak for themselves. However, the guests also know exactly what they want and you have a clear idea of their date and also how their date should ideally end. Therefore, it is of course important what private preferences you have. If the guest has specific ideas about how the date should ideally go and the ideas are not part of your services, you cannot be referred to this guest. The majority of men are happily married husbands and are specifically looking for someone who will take care of the things that the guest lacks in his marriage.

4. Where you live

Because travel costs are calculated from your place of residence and your destination, meeting point with the guest, some men may prefer to book women who live closer to his preferred meeting point, so that he has to pay less travel costs. To make you attractive, even if you live far away, it is important, as in the points already mentioned, that you offer yourself to men in the form of good service, flexibility and mobility. 90% of dates are booked in major cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Köln, Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin, so the proximity to one of these cities for frequent bookings should not be underestimated.

You can work well as an escort in big cities

5. Your look

Last but not least, the appearance of course plays a big role. Guests are not looking for a blonde unnatural doll, but rather for the nice and pretty lady next door. Long gone are the days when men want women with huge silicone breasts and the trend of gentlemen is clearly moving away from pumped up breasts and lips, towards naturalness. Neither over made-up Barbie dolls nor the unkempt housewife are the object of desire of men. Therefore, a neat, clean and tidy appearance is the be-all and end-all as an escort lady. If this applies to you, you can take the job as an escort model immediately.

How does the payment of an escort lady work?

To become an escort model, you should also know how the payment works. The guest, pays you in cash at the beginning of your date, for the hours booked including travel expenses. We calculate the travel costs for you at the time of booking and tell the man how much he has to pay you. From a journey of 100 km or more, a deposit must be paid to the agency. Since we have a money-receiving power of attorney from each lady, the agency is allowed to receive the deposit, which is then transferred to your date. You also have the option to offset the deposit with the agency's brokerage fee.

What are the costs of an escort lady?

An already mentioned part of the costs that you have as an escort lady is placement fee to escort agency, this amounts to between 28 - 30% of your earnings from. Bell Bennet High Class Escort Service has over 10 years experience in the placement of escort ladies and is one of the leading escort agencies in Germany with over 1,000 dates per month. If you personally choose a more expensive way to get to your date than covering the travel costs, you will have to pay for it privately. Just like in any other business and like any other self-employed person, you must register as an escort and pay taxes on your income, depending on your earnings. Here, a tax advisor can help you and give you more information.

Work as an escort and have many outfits in your wardrobe

How do I prepare and what do I need for a Date?

It should go without saying that you are freshly showered, clean, styled and dressed appropriately. Ask the agency if anything is known about the customer and if he has expressed any wishes. According to the Prostitute Protection Act paragraph 32 paragraph, "Clients and customers of prostitutes as well as prostitutes must ensure that condoms are used during sexual intercourse." Since escort ladies are also classified under this after the introduction of this law, you should always ensure appropriate protective measures for yourself and the protection of the customer. Condoms in the bag should therefore be part of the basic equipment of an escort lady. Sexy lingerie and change of clothes should also be part of your daily routine and be present on every date. Everything else depends on what your preferences are and whether the guest has any special requests. The agency will be happy to advise you before a date, what you should take with you.

What is the task of the escort agency?

The escort agency will accompany you from the beginning of your decision to become an escort model until the conclusion of each date. After your application with 4-6 private pictures of you are received by the agency, employees will conduct several conversations with you in advance, why you want to become an escort lady and what exactly comes to you. You always have the opportunity to ask questions and then think it over. If you have now decided to work with the agency, the agency will send a contract, which you should read carefully and then sign and send back and already then staff can create your sedcart and you can immediately earn money as an escort lady. After about 2-3 weeks and a few dates, the agency will organize you a professional photo shoot. Until you had your photo shoot, we will publish your private, of course anonymized pictures on our homepage for mediation. After the agency has your pictures from the shooting, an employee will anonymize them and the agency will start to draw the attention of the guests to you through online advertising, which will again make a big increase in requests for you. Communication with the client will be exclusively through the agency. After the client has asked for you by phone or email, the agency will contact you and forward the request to you with date and time. You decide whether you can and want to accept the date. The agency will then inform the client of your response and send you the confirmation, as well as any requests that the client may have communicated to the agency staff. In case of a hotel visit, one of the staff members will do a security check to make sure that the client has really checked into this hotel and only after that you will get the information that you can go on your way to your date. The procedure is the same when you meet a guest at your home, a security check is done beforehand as well. Before and after your date you log in or out by message to the agency. This means we take care of you around the clock and are there for you if you have any questions.

If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to ask us.

"How do I become an escort?"

You will find job offers as an escort everywhere on the internet. At BB-Escort you can apply immediately via WhatsApp at +49 157 923 55 388 or directly with a click on our "casting button" without obligation. The only thing you need are 3-4 photos of yourself (no nude pictures), want to earn a lot of money and have a desire for many small adventures.

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