Escort service from the point of one guest's view

We interviewed one of our escort clients to ask him a few personal questions, including why he decided to book an escort lady and why he chose an escort agency.


by Bell Bennett

15 minutes read

Escort service from the point of one guest's view

Escort has become a big topic especially now in these fast-moving times. Always higher, always further is the motto when it comes to the job or the reputation. Often, everyday things like the search for a partner fall by the wayside, there is simply not enough time. But women also strive for higher and higher spheres, or are very overburdened with children, household, job, etc. and then have no desire or strength to have fun with their man in the evening. But also the attraction to experience something new or against the dullness and boredom in bed with your own wife are an incentive to get involved in an escort date. We have asked an escort-experienced man about his personal experiences and stories.

BB-Escort: Why did you decide to book an escort lady for the first time?

Peter: I was still very young, just 18 years old, and was simply curious. In a forum, a lady was introduced who immediately appealed to me visually and the attraction to experience something new became very great. Later it became the dreariness of everyday life and the lack of time to go searching. Today it is the desire to experience something in my marriage and not to live in monogamy. I have other ideas than my wife in bed and especially the discretion and anonymity of the escorts, the experience and the variety I appreciate very much. For me, there are and have been various reasons in the course of my life to book an escort lady.

BB-Escort: How many escort ladies have you already booked?

Peter: Well, I don't keep a tally, but I think there have been around 200-300 dates with over 100 different ladies in my escort life. Partly as bookings in a hotel, at my home or in a flat of the agency.

I would like to apply as an escort lady!

BB-Escort: Do you prefer to book through an agency or an independent model?

Peter: That is difficult to say. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. With an independent model, you are in direct contact, you can exchange your wishes and needs directly in advance. That way, we can first get to know each other to see if we have the same interests and harmonise together. With an agency, there is always someone in between. The advantages of an agency are clearly discretion, professionalism, transparency, service, reliability and mutual security. With an agency, a replacement is quickly found in the event of a cancellation and the agreements are more binding. In terms of price, independent escorts are of course cheaper, but with an agency the service is almost always guaranteed. I rarely book Independent Escort anymore, unless they are ladies I know who have left an agency. For me, booking through an agency is much more relaxed. In addition, I can dare a blind date here because the agency already knows my preferences and how I tick. If I have the feeling that I'm just being fobbed off by an agency and only get meaningless answers, then the agency is out for me.

BB-Escort: How does a booking with an agency work for you and what criteria do you choose the ladies by?

Peter: As I said before, sometimes I go on a blind date so that I just have to tell the agency that already knows me that I would like a date at a certain time. I then don't know which lady is coming to see me until she is at the door. The booking process varies from agency to agency. Some I call, some I reach via WhatsApp, others via email. The websites of the agencies are usually clear and I choose the woman who appeals to me the most in terms of appearance. Sometimes I only pay attention to the service of the lady, which really depends on what I'm in the mood for.

Going shopping with the lady explains the customer during the interview

BB-Escort: How did you feel at your first booking and how has that changed?

Peter: I have to be honest, before my first date I was really excited, nervous, had stage fright and suddenly felt insecure, yet I was full of anticipation. To this day, I am excited and nervous every time a new lady comes to my door. It's like a real date and that's what it should be. Not a put-on mechanical game, it should feel like a real date with a happy ending. I prefer hotel dates and choose a nice room, find out beforehand what the lady likes to drink, get some fruit and chocolate. She should feel in good hands with me and a glass of wine together usually lightens the mood. That's why I usually go on 4-hour dates, so we have enough time to get to know each other and to get used to each other. Of course, I don't need that with known ladies.

BB-Escort: Have you also booked a lady for a longer period (more than 24 hours)?

Peter: Yes, I have and I must say that such long dates are a hot potato. My experiences range from "OK, thanks, that's it" to "when do we want to go out again?" It is very difficult to spend a long time with a stranger. Personally, I can say from experience that you should know the ladies you book for a long date over several days personally and have met them 1-2 times beforehand.

BB-Escort: How does a long-term date in your case work?

Peter: I'm sure you expect me to reply that we have hot sex day in and day out. No, that's how it is, of course. It's like a normal date with a woman on a short holiday. We see the city, go out to eat, go to a museum and talk a lot. It's important to me that I don't see the woman as an object, but as a woman. Weekend bookings are my favourite. The lady comes on a Friday evening and we go out for dinner, have a drink and talk. Because of the long time, nothing is rushed. On Saturday, we usually do an agreed programme, as mentioned above, and in the evening I am happy to be together with the lady. However, I only make such bookings with ladies I already know and where I feel the chemistry is right. But of course I also have only 2-4 hour dates, where communication is not so much in the foreground.

The escort client likes lying on the beach with the lady

BB-Escort: Can you tell us about your funniest experiences?

Peter: Sure, I can tell you a lot about it, in the course of time you experience some funny situations. The first thing that comes to mind is my business trip abroad. That was at the beginning of my escort time and I was still inexperienced. I booked an escort lady, the chemistry was right and it went great. After a little while, she said she could squirt. Of course I wanted to see that. When the lady left and I wanted to go to sleep, I noticed that the bed was wet. So my first thought was "dry it with the hairdryer". Unfortunately, the hairdryer was firmly installed and I slept the night, more badly than well, on the floor.  The next morning it was still not dry, so I gave the cleaning lady a 20€ tip and asked her to be discreet. I smile to this day when I think about it!

I once booked a blind date with an agency who know me very well and when I opened the door I was a bit disappointed to see a lady I often book with the agency. After a short while she blindfolded me and whispered something about a "blind date" and opened the door again. There was now my blind date and even as a double-pack bonus! I was thrilled.

A young lady, a Cologne cheerful soul and a real grenade in every respect, told me at the end of the date that she was quitting. I was a bit crestfallen, but I had already imagined the next date with her. Two weeks later I booked a lady with another agency. SHE stands in front of my door and starts laughing, I can't help but laugh along. So much for the significance of pictures and description. A dream date. Unfortunately, after too short a time, she was no longer to be found at this agency either. Months later I had a blind date with a third agency, I opened the door and SHE was again standing in front of the hotel room door, could hardly get herself together and then made the date one of the most unforgettable. She leaves the room every half hour and comes back in: One time she's the good girl ("Are you making love to me? Caress me! Please, not so hard!"), another time the dominatrix ("Kneel down...!") and it was sex that was so unaffectedly horny that I end up lying on the carpet, exhausted, and have to giggle a little madly every now and then.

BB-Escort: What are the most bizarre experiences you have had so far?

Peter: When I once visited a corresponding establishment, all the rooms were occupied, the lady then said dryly, "the laundry room was still free", so we did it there on the clothes dryer and what can I say: it was cool!

On a date at 11pm I was met by a lady in pyjamas and slippers, which was probably the strangest greeting I've had. I've even been stopped by the police before. It was a weekend date with a well-known escort lady and she asked me if I could take my photo equipment with me. So we drove at night to an abandoned pumping station full of graffiti and were then checked by a police patrol that suddenly appeared.

I once had a date where it turned out during the conversation that we used to go to the same disco and that we had also frenched at that time. How small the world is and how much you change with age.

I was really surprised after a date when I asked the lady if I should drive her home and she said she had to stop at a shop first. I was happy because I was able to spend some time with her. We stopped in front of a bridal shop, she got out and came back with a wedding dress. I asked her if she had picked it up for a friend, she smiled, gave me a kiss and said she was getting married in two days.

BB-Escort: What are your worst experiences with escorts?

Peter: It was on a longer date and we had planned a weekend in another city. She wanted shopping, handbags and clubbing. My ideas were more to test the upscale gastronomy, as well as the bed of the hotel room, but also sightseeing was on the plan, but unfortunately not on her plan and so the date became a real flop. She tried to fleece me more and more to get only her fun and pleasure.

Once I booked a lady and in front of me stood a frozen young woman who, I had the feeling, knew neither in nor out because of insecurity and fear and I am not that terrible. I broke off the date after 10 minutes before it actually started. I felt miserable, I didn't understand why she was doing this to herself, where usually in escorting I hope and build on voluntariness and joy in her job, here I was in a role that I personally found repulsive.

And of course, unfortunately, I have also had ladies from time to time where the sex was simply bad or they did not correspond to her image at all +15 kilos/years, that is then the absolute turn-off!

I received my date and she said she wanted to freshen up. When she still didn't come out of the bathroom after 45 minutes, I went and knocked. I got the answer that she needed more time. I started to wonder what was going on. Is she so nervous and doesn't dare? No, she is well over 30 years old and has been doing the job for a few years. So I gave her another 15 minutes and knocked again. Yes yes, she'll be right out. After another 30 minutes she came out and didn't look very fresh, but rather very tired and exhausted. I confronted her and asked her directly what drugs she had taken. She broke down sobbing and told me that she was on heroin, but now everything was fine and I could have sex with her. But she doesn't like kissing, she doesn't want me to touch her breasts and so on. I suggested that I drive her home now. But she didn't want that, because she needed the money. She still had a child to support. I'm sorry about all that, but I can't save every woman. I let her decide whether she wanted to take a taxi or whether I should drive her. She sat in the passenger seat, completely exhausted and without a word. When she got out, she said, "We won't see each other again, will we?" Afterwards, I was just as devastated as she was, because such fates do not pass me by without leaving a trace, but that was my only experience in this direction so far.

During the interview, the escort client wonders

BB-Escort: What do you want from an escort lady?

Peter: I want her to be natural. Her behaviour should not be forced and she should be sympathetic, I know that this is always a matter of opinion and very individual, but I always try to make it as easy as possible for the ladies by first having conversations and showing honest interest in her. She should stand by what she offers. Which brings us to the point of honesty. There is no point in lying on the sedcard and offering more than she really does in the end. I also want the lady to enjoy what she is doing. The outward appearance is very important to me, as well as the correspondence with the pictures on the pages. If I want to invite a lady to a meal, I want to sit with the lady who smiles at me in the photo and not someone who is 20 kilos heavier, doesn't speak a word of German and is unkempt.

BB-Escort: What advice would you give to an "escort newcomer"?

Peter: Most important of all for me, do not support forced prostitution! Women should not and must not be forced to have sex. You can also tell when they feel uncomfortable, then you should rather break off the date than force and torture the lady with something she probably doesn't enjoy and doesn't want to do. If you get involved with the person and not the "prostitute", you will receive a top service with a lot of passion and sympathy. Not because it is part of it, but because the lady also wants it and enjoys it.

You should also think about what you want from a date in the first place. Is it just simple and casual sex or are you also looking for closeness, affection and attention? With the former, you are in good hands with an escort, with the latter you have to be aware that this attention is only limited to a certain time and is no substitute for a girlfriend. If you are aware of this, you can spend wonderful hours or even days with a lady.

There is, in my opinion, nothing more distracting than the prior service arrangement and asking for the money at the beginning of the date. Either you discreetly slip the envelope somewhere at the beginning or, what I prefer, a friendly handover afterwards.
I am firmly convinced that this accounts for an 80% success rate on my dates. I hardly ever have a bad experience because of this. How is the communication, how are the photos? Unfortunately, it is difficult to get feedback, because some reviews and feedbacks on the internet are bought or created by the agency itself. There are a handful of serious and really good agencies on the internet.

Last but not least, be yourself, don't pretend and then nothing can go wrong. Good luck on your first date!

BB-Escort: Thank you Peter for your honesty and your humorous and open way of telling us about your experiences from the point of view of a man who books an escort lady.

I have one more question for BB Escort

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